Audition Guidelines

Concert Guidelines

Our young performers reflect upon Play It For Good. Please respect other performers and the non-profits that we represent. Younger siblings must be properly attended to by an adult. Young performers and their families agree to abide by common courtesy rules.

Concert attire: Black and white for classical musicians. Dress slack and shoes for gentlemen. Dresses or skirts for ladies. No jeans or sneakers. Conservative attire in keeping with the decor of the concert.

Step 1: Select a solo piece of your choosing. Gain permission from your private teacher to audition and participate as a performer. We welcome group auditions (e.g., acappella or chamber music).

Step 2: Contact us by submitting the online Audition Request Form (within the "Contact Us" section of the website).

Step 3: Play It For Good will contact you directly with additional information on the audition process and next steps.