Thank you for Supporting Our

Benefit Concerts over the Years!

Play It For Good is a registered 501(c)(3) foundation and Non-Profit Corporation that organizes benefit concerts. The goal is to work with those interested in community service and volunteerism (especially musicians and young performers) who want to "do good" - and help deserving causes.

Young artists gain:

  • presentation skills through performance,

  • leadership through initiative, and

  • character development through volunteerism.

Each concert benefits a good cause or local non-profit that gains exposure within the community, support from friends and family of the performers, while minimizing risk for fundraising. A complete win-win for everyone!

All Around Win-Win!

1. Performers volunteer by contributing their talent

2. Volunteerism opportunity; a chance to "do good"

3. Highlights virtues such as kindness and goodness within our community

4. Increases awareness of non-profit causes within the community

5. Low cost entertainment minimizes risk for non-profit fundraisers

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