To start with the bagpipe, beginners should first learn on a practice chanter. Practice chanters can be easily find on the web. We recommend a long one. The college of piping provides several of them. The practice chanter will be used all the time, even when you will be an expert piper. Buy the bagpipe only when your teacher tells you are ready. Also, beginners should also get the green tutor from the college of piping. It can be easily buy online.

For the drum it is the same idea. One need first to learn on a pad. The college of piping provides them too.

Our repertoire is split into two levels the Basic Repertoire and the Concert Repertoire . On each repertoire page the tunes can be found in both PDF and Celtic Pipes format. The latest version of Celtic Pipes can be find here.

We also provide two more pages with partitions: Supplementary Repertoire and Some Breton tunes.

The Celtics Pipes web site provides also a Tunes data base.