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The whole world of bagpipe can be found on this website, with many articles, humour and most important: hundreds of music scores from Brittany or Scotland in bww format.

The bagpipe goes by many names and takes many forms all over the world. But whether it's a dudelsack or a gaida, a cabrette, a musette or a veuze, all bagpipes have certain basic features.

Andrew Lenz's website. A Californian piper shares his personal itinerary in the piping world, his experience in competitions and his feelings as a pipe band member. He also gives us many useful tips about how to take care of our bagpipe, how to improve our playing. Finally, everything to avoid being a 'rotten piper'.

Bagpipes can be troublesome instruments and require good care and maintenance.

"The world's best piping and drumming publication." -- According to a worldwide survey of piping publications by BBC Radio Scotland.

Compiled by Scott Williams & Alistair B. Fraser with a supporting cast of thousands of internet surfing pipers around the globe.

Thousands of bagpipe and bagpipers related links.

The Tartan Finder is a proprietary House of Tartan software package that generates tartan images in real time from a database of over 2000 patterns.

The Bagpipe School is divided into two primary areas: 'the Bagpipe Tutor' and 'Care and Maintenance of the Great Highland Bagpipe'.

Chris Eyre learned the basics of woodturning, cuts his sheepskins and makes his own small pipes in his workshop... He even makes his own kilts. There is a lot to learn from this touch-to-all guy.

Welcome to the Boise Highlanders Bagpipe Tutorial page, which offers an easy-access source for various piping information.

Oliver Seeler's Web Site. A pathway to a nearly forgotten world of musical magic for musicians, historians, instrument makers, collectors and all who are enchanted by bagpipes.

Piping events

If you would like to travel around the World playing pipes or drums you have clicked on to the right website. looks forward to bringing you a series of world-class pipe band events to consider in your travel itinerary.

The Swiss Highland Games take place annually at the end of August in St Ursen, in the suburb of Fribourg.

Pipe Bands and Pipe Bands lists

"Le Traditional Pipe Band de Lausanne a le plaisir de vous accueillir sur son site [...]"

"Askol ha Brug Pipe Band est une association qui a été créée à Saint Herblain en Bretagne [...]"

Plus d'un demi-siecle s'est écoulé depuis que furent fondés les ensembles de musique essentiellement bretonne que l'on connait par le monde sous le nom de bagadou .

McBoreStone est un pipe band, ou autrement-dit un groupe de joueurs de cornemuse dans le Bas-Vallon de Saint-Imier dans le Jura bernois (Suisse), au pied du Pierre-Pertuis.

D'ailleurs, le nom du pipe band en découle. Littéralement, McBoreStone se traduit: fils du Pierre-Pertuis. Il faut également savoir que Borestone est traditionnellement un lieu près de Stirling, en Ecosse, où le roi Robert the Bruce planta son étendard avant la bataille de Bannockburn en 1314.

FRI-pipes regroupe des sonneurs de cornemuse fribourgeois partageant la même passion pour la musique et cet instrument.

Wir sind eine Affiliated Association der 'Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA)' und damit ein Zusammenschluss von Pipe Bands, Tänzern und Solisten und unterstützen die Verbreitung des s chottischen Dudelsacks, des schottischen Drummings und des Highland Dancings in der Schweiz.

We have been serving Scotland's national music and pipers the world over for more than fifty years. The College offers a unique and comprehensive service providing lessons, examinations, accommodation, all instruments and music and a knowledge base for all students of the great music.

At the heart of the pipe band world.

Welkom op de website van de Beatrix Pipe Band uit Hilversum. Momenteel zijn alleen de Nederlands- en Engelstalige pagina's beschikbaar. De Duits- en Franstalige zijn nog niet kompleet.

Here you'll find the most comprehensive and the largest list of bagpiping sites on the web.