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Sunbreak over Baker Lake
Beetle on screen
Isolated snow shower 
Christmas Card from 2005
Birds on the beach at Ocean Shores
Beach grass, driftwood, and sand near sunset
Sun and shadow on vine maple leaves
Some of the strangest clouds I've ever seen
Frost crystals
Foggy Chain Lakes Loop trail
Fuchsia sunset
Small creek along the East Bank Baker Lake trail
Tiger swallowtail butterfly
Birds watching the clouds
Another hummingbird
Waterfall near Newhalem
 The dirty Sauk river running into the cleaner looking Skagit river, from Sauk mountain
Digging potatoes while Mt Baker silently watches

Parasailing from Blanchard Mountain

Cannon Beach
Misty mountains

 BIG moth...for these parts anyway
 Bald eagle
 Jellyfish at the Seattle Aquarium
 Mt Josephine on a clear cold winter's morning
Sulphur creek