My Father lost his 19 month battle with cancer about 10 am on January 28, 2009.  He was 73 years young.  Dad was recently described by my brother John as a 35 year old in a 73 year old's body...yep, that was Pop!  Dad, we love you, and we miss you so very much each minute of every day!  I know you enjoyed piloting aircraft, so may this last flight be your finest... 
...Godspeed Pops!

 Mom and Dad in the 1950's before they were married 
Dad as I remember him when I was growing up circa 1960s.
Dad circa 1970s
Dad circa 1980s
Mom and dad in the 1990s
 Dad in the tent while him and I were camping at Riffe Lake
 Dad and I at the former fire lookout site on Sauk Mountain 
Dad and Bear, July 2001
Dad riding Sooner, July 2002 
Spring 2004, Dad's flying self portrait, and a shot out the window of a little railroad town we used to live in during the early-mid 1970's (Ayer) from one of the places he enjoyed most...being in the air
Dad and my brother John out target shooting, June 2004
Dad, Ed Shadle, and I at the Arlington Air Show (July 9, 2004) in front of the jet-vehicle (an old F-104 Starfighter) Ed was going to use to try to break the land speed record
Emily, Judy, Mom, and Dad the day before Dad's 70th Birthday, February 19, 2005
Dad had a large sense of humor, and was always good for a laugh, a joke, or making a demonstrated here
Dad outside the "KBHR" radio studio in "Cicely, Alaska" (a.k.a. Roslyn, Washington, from the television show Northern Exposure) October 22, 2005
Dad in the cockpit of an F-15 at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, June 17, 2006
Pop stepping off President Kennedy's Air Force One at the Museum of Flight
Dad and I enjoying one of many backyard fires over the years, June 17, 2006
Dad, Emily, and I on the Evergreen Trail in Rockport State Park, July 6, 2006
Pops taking a photo during the Seattle Underground Tour, July 20, 2007
Dad meeting Penny LeGate of KIRO TV in Seattle
Mom and Dad around our backyard fire... October 9, 2007
My Father experiencing for the first time summer snow in the mountains, July 12, 2008
September 22, 2008.  Dad enjoying another backyard fire.
Dad and his pride & joy...his 2001 Mustang.  He loved that car!  September 23, 2008 (the morning he left here for his last cancer checkup in Seattle, and the last time I saw Dad feeling good)
The newspaper obituary I and my brother John wrote.  How does one say goodbye to someone you love and who has always been there?

God how I love and miss you Pop!