About Me

Let me introduce myself...

*My name is Wade B Clark Jr. I was born in Walla Walla Washington, November 7, 1957. I've loved the night sky since I was a small boy, and (although life and work seem to get in the way sometimes) I've never lost my fascination with it. In Garrison Jr High School I came to appreciate photography as well. I moved to northwest Washington State in 1985, and met and fell in love with my wonderful wife Judy in 1987. This part of the country is a scenic wonder...so it was a natural thing for us to experiment with hiking and photography. It has become a permanent fixture in our lives now.

*I now feel the most alive when I am taking photos of either the night sky or hiking and photographing the beautiful countryside (when the weather here permits...and there IS a reason this area has the reputation for cloudy skies and rain!).

*I also enjoy a good Arthurian tale, music, darts, Monty Python, Washington State University Cougar, Seattle Seahawk, and Minnesota Viking football, and forever trying to discover the meaning of life...

*The near fatal health problems of 2003 (thank you Dr. Bruce Skinner!) have taught me to enjoy life as much as work and other obligations will permit. LIVE life everyday! It is all too fleeting to not do so! One day you and I will wake up and wonder where it all went.

*Feb. 9, 2015. I finally got tired of limping around on my bad knee for the last 4 years and went in for surgery. Partial knee replacement of the inside of the right knee. The first three days after the procedure I was was asking myself "WHAT THE HELL DID I ASK THEM TO DO TO ME"!? However after the first week I could see progress and now (late July 2015) it's as if nothing was ever wrong with it. Thank the good Lord and Dr. Richard Williamson! I should be out hiking already but I think I got so used to NOT doing it that it's a bit of a minor unknown now. It's silly, but I'm a bit reluctant to get out there again. Hopefully I'll soon pass that threshold and become a 'hiker' again.

My desire is for this website to give a glimpse of the beauty and serenity of both this lovely land, and the delicately star lit canopy of night sky above. I do hope you enjoy your visit...

...hope to see you "out there"!

The following is my process of growing older. I would say the process of "growing up", but I never have and I doubt I ever totally will! LOL!

Great Grandma Sara, Dad, and myself in the late 1950's

Me mid 1960's

My brother John, Mom (and Runt), and myself...early 1970's

Dad and I...about 1979-80

Me and Bear...late 1980's

Teeto and I...early 1990's

Me...early 2004

Thanksgiving Day 2011

May 4, 2017. I've been retired from the Washington State Department of Agriculture for almost 6 months now. Also, first 80+ F degree day this year. Lovin' it! Straw hat and shades time. Giddyup... <grin>