Latest Happenings

I hope this page will give family and friends a place to go if they want to know what is going on in our lives lately.

(This page will be removed once a week to save in my archives, then the current week will be started.  Most likely on a Saturday morning)

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day." 

April 18, 2015  (Saturday)

Looks like another splendid day!

3 of the 6 squirrels hangin' in the yard this morning

Thank you Sharon & Chuckie!

Ok.  Time to fly.  <grin>

It's a beautiful morning!

Judy getting ready to play in the dirt again.  Oh oh.  Houston, we've got a problem.  Flight battery power low, R/C response is sluggish....oh noooooo.....

Post flight:  A semi safe landing was had, although I did have to clean a little dirt off of the poor thing.  But, still good to go with another charge!

April 19, 2015  (Sunday)

Ok.  11:15 am.  I got 'tex mex soup' breakfast burritos made and served.  Then while Judy did the dishes I went outside to cut off alder suckers and a salmon berry bush, give the pine tree a subtle trim so I don't run into as many limbs/needles when mowing the lawn, trim up some huckleberry shrubs. pick up the trimmings and put em in 'the pile'.  Still have to re-level the hot tub.

I know it always seems that something needs to be done around here, but I would rather have it that way than live in the city.  I just don't think I could do that anymore, unless my health became so bad that I had to live there.

12 pm.  Taking a "blooming" walk in the yard.  <grin>

Yes indeed.  Whether from the air or up close on the ground.  I do so enjoy this place this time of year!  Honna you've done a wonderful job with our version of 'God's little acre'!  Thank you!

Ok.  2:40 pm.  Hot tub re-leveled.  Time for a red Henry's.  <wink wink nudge nudge>

April 20, 2015  (Monday)

A couple of bald eagles this morning

This looks like a good place to spend lunch time

The tide is out quite a ways!

April 21, 2015  (Tuesday)

It is so strange that now the sky starts to lighten up before 5 am!  I don't recall seeing those here before.