Latest Happenings

I hope this page will give family and friends a place to go if they want to know what is going on in our lives lately.

(This page will be removed once a week to save in my archives, then the current week will be started.  Most likely on a Saturday morning)

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day." 

May 21, 2016  (Saturday)

And of course as the weekend dawns...

...the rains begin anew.  <sigh>  I guess I should be glad I got the yard done yesterday, but it's really not very satisfying.

Seems like a good morning to slowly sip coffee and play some old tunes...

...Gerry Rafferty-Night Owl from 1979...

...and Christopher Cross-Another Page from 1983.

Jude reads the morning paper.

Chance wants in.

Daddy makes breakfast.

Chance hangin' on the couch.  His week old cut is healing nicely, but he got another cut yesterday!  Jude took him to the vet again.  They said just to keep it bandaged and gave him a few pain killers.  Jude and I walked the back fence and found a spot or two he could have done it on.  We've since "doggy proofed" it.  Time will tell if we got it right or not I guess.  Poor little guy.  :-(

<frown>  Even if Chance could go for walkies the weather would not cooperate.

More music...

...The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 from 1988...

...and Vol. 3 from 1990.

4:00 pm-ish...still raining...   <sigh yet again>

Listening to a Tangerine Dream concert I found on youtube called "Rocking Out The Bats".

May 22, 2016  (Sunday)

Another cloudy morning.  But at least it's dry at the moment.  Preparing breakfast (ok...brunch) and listening to Alan Parsons in concert at BBKings October of 2004.  Give it a listen if you like his music...  

Rain starts in the early afternoon.  SHEESH!  One more Alan Parsons live concert on...

2:15 pm.  Maybe a little clearing before the sun goes down?

3:00 pm.  The sun finally peeks out a bit, although still some threatening looking clouds too.  Now listening to Pink Floyd Pulse-Live at Earls Court 1994.  Certainly getting my 'musical fill' this weekend!

As I listen to Pink Floyd I realize I have just lost what little motivation I had today to get out and do anything.  Oh well...

Nearing 4:30 pm.  The sun comes out for an extended bit.  Jude and Chance find their way to it.  <grin>  As for myself I am still hunkered up near the Bose speakers listening to what appears to be an entire live version of 'Dark Side Of The Moon' during the Pulse concert.  Intriguing.

May 23, 2016  (Monday)

Yet another cloudy & dampish morning.

Grilling up a couple of steaks for dinner...

...with stuffed mushrooms, baked potato, and a nice green salad.  NUMMERS!

May 24, 2016  (Tuesday)

Breakfast is now ready.  Leftover steak, fried taters, stuffed mushroom, egg, and crunchy toast, with a glass of ice cold milk!  Oh yesssssss please!

Cloudy morning, with the exception of the upper slopes of Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, and Mt. Rainier.  You can see the summits and the shadows of the summits on the clouds.

At least it's sunny somewhere...even if it is 250+ miles above the Earth.

Judy asks what is on her.   This is it honna!

Two generations at the same feeder.

Two of my mother's roses are flowering nicely!  Love and miss you Mom!

Jude found this in her mom and dad's stuff.  Wonder what the hell?  Could the link to this article be the answer?

May 25, 2016  (Wednesday)

Yet another cloudy morning.