Latest Happenings

I hope this page will give family and friends a place to go if they want to know what is going on in our lives lately.

(This page will be removed once a week to save in my archives, then the current week will be started.  Most likely on a Saturday morning)

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day." 

February 6, 2016  (Saturday)

The grosbeaks are here!

It looks as if Spring is springing!  <BIG grin>

Aircraft flying overhead.

Judy surveying her domain to see what needs to be done first.

February 7, 2016  (Sunday)

Pretty sunrise.  Hello world!

Jude has fed the critters while I'm cooking our breakfast.

Got Gray?  That didn't take long to cloud up.

Now a rain shower!  SHEESH!  At least it's nice SOMEWHERE UP THERE!

Another sunset from the International Space Station at an altitude of about 250 miles.

Here's the link if you want to view it for yourself sometime:   But since the ISS is moving at about 5 miles per SECOND, don't expect the view to be static (that is the view will change fairly rapidly).

On the next orbit:  Cuba and the Bahamas.  And...

...roughly 90 minutes after the last sunset...another sunset.  GOD I LOVE this PERSPECTIVE!

And 45 minutes later...


Southern Mexico

DAMN IT!  I HATE IT when I plan a shot (like I was going to shoot Florida and such) and THIS pops up and screws it all up!  <sigh>

One more orbital sunset.

<sigh>  Still cloudy and breezy here.  With any luck in about 3 hours I'll be able to show you the cloud cover from the ISS.

Time for a fire!

It's delightful out here...

Cookin' a couple of dawgs too!

Time to eat.  MmmMmmm...!

February 8, 2016  (Monday)

Took today off of work for a "wellness day".  We stopped at the Blueberry Patch restaurant in Lyman for a late breakfast.  Then headed to Camano Island to check it out.

Going down to the beach.

Sunshine in February!


Beach combing

Interesting texture on this tree at the beach.

Chance loves the water.

The beach is rocky, but still very nice here...and warm!

Aerial view of the first beach stop.

Aerial view of the second beach stop.

Time for a picnic!

And when we get home...

...we find the first crocus has opened!

February 9, 2016  (Tuesday)


T'was a beautiful sunny and warm (62 F degrees!) day!

At about noon I started feeling lightheaded, sweaty, shakey...   Lasted a couple of hours.  That's not a good feelin'.

February 10, 2016  (Wednesday)

5:00am.  Such strange and disconcerting dreams last night.  Wonder what causes that?