Latest Happenings

I hope this page will give family and friends a place to go if they want to know what is going on in our lives lately.

(This page will be removed once a week to save in my archives, then the current week will be started.  Most likely on a Saturday morning)

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day." 

April 30, 2016  (Saturday)

The lupine Kathy and Randy Jones sent from Texas are doing great!

Beautiful morning!

Yellow rhododendron.


Pollination in progress.

For breakfast:  Canteloupe on the side, leftover steak, onion, and mushrooms from last night's kabob with scrambled egg, spinach, and feta cheese...oh, and some crunchy toast!

Ok, now that breakfast is over, it's putter in the yard day...

Removed all the old sweet-peas from the trellis...  check

Found and gave Steve the old mower bagger and attachments...  check

Judy is working away at trimming some huckleberry bushes.

Climbed up on the rec room roof.  Roof is now brushed and free of cedar debris..  check  WOW!  No wonder it's so filthy, it's been...

...since February 2013 that it's been cleaned (above photo is from that time)!  OMG!

Judy is planting what looks like a multitude of flowers!

Rec room rain gutter cleaned out...  check

Ok then.  Time to relax a little bit and have a couple of adult beverages...and play some tunes.  Jude is sitting outside on the deck reading and listening to radio country and I am inside playing grunge CD's  (Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains).  It's a good day!  <grin>

May 1, 2016  (Sunday)

It's the first day of May already!  Time sure seems to fly these days.

And it looks like a beauty too!

Coffee and camera in hand.  Taking a stroll around the yard in the morning light.

The first outdoor breakfast of the season!  <BIG grin>

CRAP!  He even does dishes!  ;-)

Judy installed the screen over the back door and the air is flowing freely!

May 2, 2016  (Monday)

2am.  Awake with the song "rubberband man" stuck in my head.  Help me!

Sunny and what a warm one today!  It briefly hit 90 degrees as I left the office for home at about 4:15pm.

As the sun heads for the horizon I see clouds moving in.  Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler with chance of rain showers.

9:00pm.  The temp in our humble abode is down to 75 F degrees...and 71 outside now.  All windows are open, and we have 3 fans on in here circulating the air and hopefully get some of that cooler outdoor air INSIDE!

May 3, 2016  (Tuesday)

Interesting looking morning.

May 4, 2016  (Wednesday)

Cloudy misty morning with a chance of rain showers today.

"'s raining again..."

Another type of grosbeak (black-headed) appears.

The lupine (called bluebonnets in Texas) are doing great here!

Bumblebee and lupine.

May 5, 2016  (Thursday)

Chores to do before Sunday (Mother's Day):

#1).  Get a new pressure washer handle/wand.

#2).  Prepare the pressure washer for the spring/summer season.

#3).  Take all the pots/planters/stands/chairs/tables off of the deck.

#4).  Pressure wash the back deck...let it dry.

#5).  Replace all pots/planters/stands/chairs/tables.

#6).  Mow the yard.

#7).  Trim/shave my face

The perfect breakfast sandwich (if you like all the ingredients that is):

Cooking and shaping the egg (I forgot to mention while the egg is cooking you should be toasting an open english muffin)...

...shaping the cheddar cheese...

...applying the cheese to the egg to start melting...

...add the preheated European style cut bacon to help melt the cheese...

...apply the top of the toasted english muffin...

...and enjoy!  You're welcome.  <grin>

Emailed the company that appears to have made this brand (Ausonia inox).  Waiting for info if they have any.