Latest Happenings

This page will be my week to week chronicle of our life adventures (or lack of).  Each week (most likely Saturday morning) the page content will be saved to the hard drive.  Then the page will be deleted and the new week will begin.

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day".

January 14, 2017  (Saturday)

8:00 am.  20 F degrees and clear skies.  BRRRrrrr...!!!  Feeling a bit sore today from my falls yesterday.  Shoulders, neck, back, and buttocks ache.  Not real bad, but noticeable.  I feel lucky that is all that happened.  It could have been so much worse.

The Seattle Seahawks play the Falcons in Atlanta today to see if they can advance to the NFC playoff game.

8:45 am.  Gonna be another clear bright day...albeit a bit chilly.

10:25 am.  Judy goes out to feed and water the poor little neighborhood critters.  By the way...NICE JACKET!

Chancie layin' in the sun just a chillin'

11:55 am.  Chancie on backyard 'squirrel patrol'.

Game time food!  Seven layer taco dip!

Well.  That Seahawk game didn't go as hoped.  Guess I won't have to worry about football for about 7 months now.

January 15, 2017  (Sunday)

Still sore today.  But feeling I'm healing and over the 'hump' so to speak.

Another cold clear frozen morning.  24 F degrees.  Sunrise on Lyman Hill.

Weird.  Clear skies here in western Washington while cloudy and some snow in 'the basin'.

10:35 am.  Finished brunch (diced ham & scrambled eggs with purple skin yellow flesh fried taters and crunchy toast).  The forecast says today is the last sunny/dry day.  Better get the boy (Chance) out one more time.

Nice day!

Sniffin' for mousies

Getting a drink from Hansen Creek

What the...???

Still some ice in a couple of places

Ok Chance, time for your close-up.

This is SO FUN!

January 16, 2017  (Monday)

7:38-7:53 am.  The color of the morning sky announces a change in the weather is coming.

Yep.  It's a changin'.

10:05 am.  Strange wave like clouds.

Here it comes.

Jude and Chance went to visit Joyce and Walt again.  They also got a 'walkies' in.

With the change in the weather I'm feeling a need for a little change in music as well....maybe a little...

...Iggy Pop will help.  <grin>

I just read that Eugene Cernan passed away today.  The last man to walk on the date.  <weeping openly>  He was my hero.  My 'John Lennon' of the Apollo Program.  Godspeed Geno (as they called you on the radio during Apollo 17).  Tower cleared,  Mode one Bravo,  Mode one Charlie,  Skirts up, and Feet wet!  Go baby go...

Eugene Andrew "GeneCernan (/ˈsər.nən/; March 14, 1934 – January 16, 2017), (CAPTUSN, Ret.), was an American naval officer and Naval Aviatorelectrical engineeraeronautical engineerfighter pilot, and NASAastronaut. He traveled into space three times: as Pilot of Gemini 9A in June 1966, as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 10 in May 1969, and as Commander of Apollo 17 in December 1972, the final Apollo lunar landing.

On Apollo 17, Cernan became the eleventh person to walk on the Moon and the most recent man to walk on the Moon, since he was the last to re-enter the Lunar Module Challenger after the mission's third and final extravehicular activity (EVA). Cernan was also a backup crew member for the Gemini 12Apollo 7 and Apollo 14 space missions.

Eugene Cernan Gemini 9 spacewalk

Eugene Cernan Apollo 10 LMP TV broadcast

Eugene Cernan and Earth with the erected United States Flag on the Moon during EVA Apollo 17

Geno, the moon, and his three mission patches (top to bottom), Gemini 9, Apollo 10, and Apollo 17.

January 17, 2017  (Tuesday)

I woke up in the wee dark hours to the sound of rain!  Sounded strange after all this time.

9:30 am.  Cloudy, breezy, 45 F degrees, and not raining at the moment.

11:00 am.  Jude and Chance getting ready for another trip to town.

2:50 pm.  46 F degrees.  Cloudy and breezy with rain showers.

January 18, 2017  (Wednesday)

8:30 am.  43 F degrees.  Dark, wet, windy day.  Miss the sunshine already.  And wish the squishy mud would go away as well.

10:05 am.  44 F degrees.  Wind and rain.  After a quick McBrunch Jude and I are setting up Joyce and Walt's new phone (the old one didn't have a recorder to be able to leave messages).  Jude will take it down to them a little later today.

11:00 am.  Ick...  Ewww...  Fugly out there.  The ground feels like a squishy sponge like mess.  I guess it's way better than eastern Washington with their freezing rain/ice covered roads.

An eastern Washington friend's ice covered car last night.  Photo courtesy of Craig Bishop

Walla Walla County Sheriff's photo today.  OMG!