Latest Happenings

This page will be my week to week chronicle of our life adventures (or lack of).  Each week (most likely Saturday morning) the page content will be saved to the hard drive and a flash drive.  Then the page will be deleted and the new week will begin.

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day".

July 15, 2017  (Saturday)

7:20 am.  Sunny and 57 F degrees.

Even a pretty moon out here too!

Saturday morning edition of 'shots from the yard'...

Judy's handiwork!

Bobby 'lippy' Leopard has Chance's undivided attention!

Judy and Kate visiting

Debbie's dog Bogie and Chance visiting.

12:05 pm.  Saw this on  ALMOST-CERTAIN GEOMAGNETIC STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a 75% chance of geomagnetic storms on July 16th when a CME (described below) is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. Moderately strong G2-class storms on July 16th could intensify to strong G3-class storms on July 17th as Earth passes through the CME's magnetized wake. High latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in the nights ahead.

6:15 pm.  Tacos/taco salad for dinner!  So good!

July 16, 2017  (Sunday)

8:15 am.  Mostly cloudy and 59 F degrees.

On this date in 1969...

...Apollo 11 was launched.  The first mission to set out to land men on the moon.

After 1 1/2 orbits of the Earth they fired the S-VIB engine that propelled them out of earth orbit and towards the moon...

They then had to separate from the 3rd stage, pull away a bit, rotate 180 degress...

...then dock with the LEM and extract it from the 3rd stage.  The above photos are video stills from their onboard 16mm movie camera.

Then they sat back and watched the Earth get smaller...

...and smaller...

...and smaller...

...and smaller...

...and smaller...

...and smaller still!

4:15 pm.  Mostly cloudy and 74 F degrees.  Getting ready for the Puget Sound Energy planned power outage so they can do some work.  The power is supposed to be out from 8:00 pm tonight until 6:00 am tomorrow morning.  At least we have the camp trailer now!

July 17, 2017  (Monday)

The power went off exactly at 8:00 pm last night, and came back on at 6:00 am this morning.

6:25 am.  Clear skies and 45 F degrees.  Apparently there was a minor bit of aurora last night as predicted.  But it didn't look like enough to get outside with camera gear and take photos.

I tried a few spud field shots today...

They are ok I guess.  I don't feel they are dazzling, but they are ok.

July 18, 2017  (Tuesday)

7:40 am.  Sunny and 62 F degrees.

10:40 am.  Sunny and 68 F degrees.  Just got the yard picked up so I can mow a bit later.  The grass has slowed it's growth quite bit the last month.  Also getting brown spots in the yard as well.

12:10 pm.  Front and side yards are mowed.

2:05 pm.  Back yard done.  Honna I wish you would tell me when you place things in a different location.  I clobbered myself in the head with a bird feeder, and bent the hell out of a bird bath...all because I didn't know they were there.  How about throwin' me a bone dearie?

July 19, 2017  (Wednesday)

6:45 am.  Clear and 46 F degrees outside...57 F degrees inside.  I left the windows open all night and it's chilly in here!

On this date in 1969...  Apollo 11 went behind the moon and fired Columbia's engine to put Apollo 11 in lunar orbit.

A little color for your Wednesday morning.

We drove to Vollan's shop and dropped Jude's truck off for some maintenance.  We then took Chance for a walk at Helmick Road...

We then went to Azteca for lunch.  Good food!  However Judy forgot to leave the key to the truck with the shop.  <sigh>  They called Jude's cell during our lunch and asked if she left it someplace else.  After searching she had it with her the whole time.  It's getting scary folks.  As much as Judy doesn't like it, I am getting worried about her short term memory.

6:30 pm.  71 F degrees.  Looks like the weather is changing.

7:45 pm.  Judy is cleaning up some broken glass from a front porch light bulb she busted.  Jude then goes up to Becky's.  Long day for everyone, but time to call it a day.  Sleep well fellow celestial travelers...

July 20, 2017  (Thursday)

7:50 am.  Light rain and 59 F degrees.   The rain smells so good!

Someone looks a little poopered this morning.  Or maybe he is just enjoying the cool fragrant air as well?

On this date in 1969...

While in orbit around the moon the lunar module (Eagle) separated from the command module (Columbia)...

This is the view from  the command module of the lunar module during separation

The view of the command module from the lunar module during separation

They then fired the descent engine and landed on the lunar surface

Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the moon

Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin on the porch of the lunar module

I remember the excitement and awe of that day!

Judy and Chance took the pickup to town for some maintenance, but they had to leave it over night so I went down and picked them up.

July 21, 2017  (Friday)

Jude and Kate will be leaving for Prosser today to go through some of Debbie's things.  They'll overnight in Sunnyside they tell me, and come home tomorrow.  It'll be better on them than one long over and back in one day like last time!  Chance will have to stay home with 'the daddy' though.  And he's not going to like that much.  :-(

Also, on this day in 1969...

The ascent stage of the lunar module left the moon and went into lunar orbit.  Once there they rendezvous and dock with the CSM...

...and hours later fire the CSM engine to return them to the Earth.

12:30 pm.  Taking Jude to town to pay for the pickup upgrades.  Very light rain sprinkle!

1:15 pm.  Just got back from taking Judy to town (Vollans Motors) to pick up her pickup.  She'll go run a couple of errands and then meet up with Kate at Randy's in Mt. Vernon and head to Sunnyside.  They'll spend the night there then go to Willie's place in Prosser to go through Debbie's belongings.

3:15 pm.  Poor Chance seems to just be wandering around lost.  He'll go out to the front porch for a bit, then the couch, then the bedroom, then do it all over again and again.  He did actually howl in the bedroom a short bit.  :-(