Latest Happenings

This page will be my week to week chronicle of our life adventures.  Each week (most likely Saturday morning) the page content will be saved.  Then the page will be deleted and the new week will begin.

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day".

October 15, 2016  (Saturday)

Before the power went off last night (and before it got dark) I watched the live HD video feed as the International Space Station passed overhead.  This is a video 'still' as it approaches us and yesterday's storm as the moon rises.

This video 'still' is as the ISS speeds away from us and the storm.

What the living room looked like after the power went out with the flameless candles and one solar light illuminating the room.

1:30 am.  The power just came back on.   It's been out for about 6 hours.  3rd time it's been out in the last 24 hours.

7:30 am.  A lull between storms right now.  Not much rain, very little wind.  BUT, we are supposed to get more wind later this afternoon with 65+ mph gusts.  <sigh>  This shit is getting old already.  AND I just noticed I didn't even save last week's Latest Happenings.  ARG!  Well, I guess it wasn't a big week anyway really.

I got breakfast prepared while the power is on!  Fried in olive oil yellow potatoes, scrambled eggs with diced ham, diced green pepper, sliced green onion, asiago cheese, with asiago crunchy toast and a large frosty glass of milk.  <grin>
955 AM PDT Sat Oct 15 2016
.SYNOPSIS...A powerful storm will bring high winds and coastal
flooding to the area later today and tonight. Low pressure aloft
will keep conditions unsettled the first half of next week with
.SHORT TERM...Models have generally converged on the idea of a
perhaps some drying around Wednesday. &&
afternoon. If anything, models are slightly slower with the timing
surface low around 970 mb moving onto the north coast late this
generally on track for a windstorm for most of the area late this
of the low moving onshore. Nonetheless, things seem to be
afternoon or evening. The current low track suggests the strongest
winds will be coast and north interior, closest to the low track.
High winds are still likely elsewhere but probably not as strong
and a bit more spotty.
right behind the front this evening, similar to what happened
There will probably also be some thunderstorms in the cold air
Friday morning. Sunday and Monday will be blustery and showery
with an upper trough over the area but much less stormy than
today. Schneider
Coastal flooding...Very low pressure over the area today will
result in tidal anomalies along the coast as high as 3 and a half
flooding during the time of high tide today around noon.
feet over the predicted values. This will result in some coastal
Seas will build quickly this afternoon as the strong surface low
moves into the coastal waters. Seas will build into the 22 to 28 foot
range late this afternoon and continue in that range into the evening
hours. High tide along the coast is around midnight. The combination
of the high seas and increasing tides will cause some coastal flooding
late this afternoon into the early morning hours on Sunday. Felton

The latest GOES satellite imagery.

Doppler radar

12:05 pm.  Last minute preps complete for the last/biggest storm of the three.  Pulled out the generator, filled it with gas, fed cords through the dryer vent so we can close the doors completely when the rain is blowing sideways, a bit more drinking water and easy access flushing water stored.  Guess we are as ready as we can be.  We should be able to have some TV/internet/music time, a few lights, a small heater if need be, and make coffee in the morning!

1:00 pm.  The rain is increasing.

1:25 pm.  The breeze is picking up just a little.

Looking to the southwest at about 4:20 pm.

Same view at 5:05 pm.

ISS view at about 5:18 pm.  Predicted highest winds still not here.  Supposed to be between 6 pm to 2 am Sunday.

The predicted weather reminds me of a song by Deep Purple.

October 16, 2016  (Sunday)

1:30 am.  The winds never did get bad here during this 3rd storm.  And believe me I am NOT complaining!  The above photo was taken just before 1:30 am.  It shows a break in the clouds, and the illumination of the clouds was by the nearly full moon.

10:00 am.  So very thankful the storm fizzled.  I would rather make all the preparations for being without power and not need them than the other way around!  Jude and I are preparing breakfast (chicken fried steak!) and getting ready for the Seahawk game this afternoon.

10:30 am.  Judy is doing the dishes and I was out sweeping most of the cedar debris, pine needles, and other leaves/sticks off of the back deck so we and Chance won't track any more of it inside.  That is until the big rain drops started coming down, so I came back inside.  Almost done though!

I thought the above video was hilarious!  Enjoy!

The Minnesota Vikings have a bye this week (and the only undefeated NFL team this season!), but the Seattle Seahawks will host the Atlanta Falcons at 1:25 pm today.

3:00 pm.  Seattle leads 17-3 at the half!

Not the prettiest of games, but it does go into the 'win' column.

October 17, 2016  (Monday)

So hard to get up and moving in the mornings when it's dark and ugly outside.  19 more working days.

Rainy icky day.

October 18, 2016  (Tuesday)

So disheartening to walk out over the squishy ground in the dark and the rain to drive to work.  <sigh>

Certainly looks a lot better from the satellite than it does from the ground.

Another freakin' wet and icky day.

Lord I need some music that makes me feel alive...  I KNOW!...

A little Judas Priest just may help!  Rock on...

God help us if she is elected.  The sun will set on Freedom in the United States of America.

This is one voter who does not believe her lies!

A bit of a sunset tonight.

October 19, 2016  (Wednesday)

6:00 am.  It's getting to the point where I do not want to get up when it's dark  I do not want to walk out on squishy ground in the rain to the vehicle and drive to work in the darkness.  It is SO time for this old horse to retire.

OMG!!!  Not only no rain, but some actual SUN!!!

LOVE these autumn gold mornings!

From Pulver Road this morning.

The moon from a work station parking lot.

Some autumn views.

WOW!  Here I am less than a month from retirement after 31 years with the State Dept. of Agriculture (not to mention the 3 years I spent with K2H Farms, and the 6 years I spent with the Union Pacific Railroad) and I find these two slides from when I first moved over here in 1985 to start my job!  Where has the time flown?

Here comes the clouds and rain again.  I guess a one day break is better than a no day break.

October 20, 2016  (Thursday)

3:30 am.  I've been awake since about 1:00 am.  <sigh>  Guess I can give up the notion of getting any more sleep.  I can hear the rain pounding down on the roof, and a bit breezy as well.

Today would have been mom's 78th Birthday.  Happy Birthday mom.  Love and miss you!

4:30 am.  More rain.

4:50 am.  I can't wait any longer.  I need to make a pot of coffee.

The coffee is dripping, and the kitchen is illuminated by himalayan salt crystals (on the left) and our new Seattle Seahawk 12th man light.

Strange looking clouds on the satellite photo.

October 21, 2016  (Friday)


Another morning I woke up in the wee hours and couldn't get back to sleep.  Sooo.....  I was going through my photo archive and found these photos from ten years ago today when I hiked the Chain Lakes Loop Trail near Mt. Baker...

My Lord what a beautiful place!  I must get back there one day.

It's been a long...long...looooooooooong week.  <sigh>  I want a stiff drink and to loudly play Children of the Sun  (Revisited) by Billy Thorpe.

I know it's not the original, but it's all I have.