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I hope this page will give family and friends a place to go if they want to know what is going on in our lives lately.

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"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day." 

July 4, 2015  (Saturday-Independence Day Holiday)

Early this morning this was shining down upon my face


Some color for this auspicious Holiday!

Judy's mini-mushroom farm

Mushroom close-up

Judy out waterin' and feedin' the critters

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Day!

Fireworks just up the road

And more right behind us

July 5, 2015  (Sunday)

Strangely colored moon this morning.  Makes me wonder if there is some forest fire smoke in the air causing this red moon?

Yes indeed I do believe there is some smoke within that cloud.

And even from space it looks like smoke.

To all those who think we can ignore/erase a part of our history:

 If you decide to wipe out certain portions of history, you best wipe it all out or you are being selective and prejudice of what you want to be known and passed down. You can't learn from the past if you erase it