Latest Happenings

This page will be my week to week chronicle of our life adventures.  Each week (most likely Saturday morning) the page content will be saved.  Then the page will be deleted and the new week will begin.

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day".

September 24, 2016  (Saturday)

Sounds like the death toll at the Cascade Mall shooting in Burlington last evening has risen to 5 (4 female and 1 male).  God I just don't understand how people can have so little respect for life.

A bit foggy this morning.

After Judy gets up I prepare us a breakfast of fried 'mushed' yellow potatoes, scrambled eggs with diced ham, sliced green onion, and diced green, red, and yellow pepper...with some melted asiago cheese!  Sorry Rick and Dan.  Didn't take any photos.  ;-)

10:00 am.  A sun break!

10:45 am.  Just got 90%+ of the dishes washed.  My union says it's "Break Time"!  <grin>

1:00 pm.  I can not get over how someone could have so much disrespect and/or care so little for other people's lives that they walk into a mall and shoot people they know nothing about.  Most of the human race is a blight on this little oasis we call Earth.  We take from her and give nothing back.  We take from our taxpayers and give nothing back.  When something bad happens it seems like it becomes an excuse to do more wrong because it fits one's lifestyle or belief and they take no responsibility for their actions.  I'm getting VERY pessimistic about the human race.  God help us, or get rid of us.  Either way the world as a whole would be better off.

Hey Rick and Dan!  Preparing a little taco meat with black bean and corn salsa...

...for taco salads for dinner tonight.  <grin>

They caught the 'alleged' shooter!  Way to go Law Enforcement!  Good job!

September 25, 2016  (Sunday

Good morning Rick and Dan!  This morning we are having...

...breakfast burritos with shoestring like fried taters, taco meat, chili, black bean and corn salsa, scrambled egg, and some sour cream!  YUMMY!

Looks as if we have a momma squirrel in the  neighborhood.

Doing the dishes early afternoon.

2:30 pm.  Turning out to be a beautiful afternoon!  Also, Minnesota Vikings beat the Panthers 22-10!  Seahawks are leading the 49ers at halftime 24-3!

That works!

Jude catching some post-game autumn sunshine.

September 26, 2016  (Monday)

4:45 am.  Waning crescent moon in the eastern sky.

8:20 am.  Looks like it will be an absolutely gorgeous day!

Chance using Judy's day bed to his advantage.

Quite a bit of color still in the yard.  BUT...

...seeing more and more of this as Autumn advances.

Looks as if the weather is going to change...