Latest Happenings

I hope this page will give family and friends a place to go if they want to know what is going on in our lives lately.

(This page will be removed once a week to save in my archives, then the current week will be started.  Most likely on a Saturday morning)

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day." 

November 21, 2015  (Saturday)

It was so GLORIOUS to sleep in until 7:20am!

Gorgeous (if a bit chilly and frosty) morning!  Beats clouds and rain any day!

Jude feedin' the outdoor critters.

Stellar Jays are the first to find the food.  Scavengers they are.

Breakfast burritos without...

...and with jalapenos.  MMmmMmMMm!

There's my buddy!

Another one of the critters enjoying Judy's handouts.

Must be a heck of a view from that aircraft this morning as it flies over our home!

Morning backyard panorama.

Perfect evening for a backyard fire.

November 22, 2015  (Sunday)

In the wee dark thirty hours of the morning I purchased Enya's latest music CD 'Dark Sky Island' on Amazon.  Then I find out I can download the mp3 version right away!  Am now listening to it on the headphones 3 days before the disc arrives so as not to disturb Judy or Chance's slumber.  Technology can be a wonderful thing!

Pretty morning!

And a little frosty again.

Interesting clouds this morning.

Frosty morning fire and coffee.

Beautiful sunset tonight!

Dinner is served.

November 23, 2015  (Monday)

12:30am.  The moon is out big and bright.

The rain is back by the morning commute.

Brief break in the rain for sunrise.  Then the rain returns.

November 24, 2015  (Tuesday)