Latest Happenings

This page will be my week to week chronicle of our life adventures.  Each week (most likely Saturday morning) the page content will be saved.  Then the page will be deleted and the new week will begin.

"Make the time to find some beauty in each and every day".

August 27, 2016  (Saturday)

...more "shots from the yard".  Watching the week to week changes of the flora shows me that autumn approaches.  Beauty and color is still there, but browning and withering is starting around the edges.

Iridescent cloud.

After breakfast...

...the weather changes a bit.

Chancie getting some use out of Jude's day bed.

After three days of NOT taking by "bee supplements" the rash and itch on my feet is clearing up quickly.  Guess I better not take those again.

9:30 pm.  Using night vision I saw three rats crawling around on the double stump in the front yard.  Using my single shot .410 there should only be two now.  I can see one more set of beady eyes every now and then shining out of the ivy.  I don't like doing it this way, but we have to get control of them before they take over this place!

August 28, 2016  (Sunday)

3:50 pm.  OMG!  It's starting to sprinkle!  I like it!

A little later it's almost real rain!

Another evening of "abuse the dog".  LOL!

August 29, 2016  (Monday)

8:00 am.  Low clouds/marine layer this morning.

10 am.  I do believe the clouds are thinking about burning off.

10:50 am.  Brunch (slab of ham, fried yellow taters, an egg, and orange juice) is done and gone.  Letting the meal settle a bit before we take Chance up to Rasar State Park for a little walkin' around.

I do believe everyone had a great time getting out for a bit on this gorgeous late summer's day.

Even witnessed a little autumn color to punctuate the start of the changing of the seasons.

3:30 pm.  A ring around the sun indicating the weather is gonna change.

Jude chillin' on the front porch.  Chance was chillin' as well but someone just went by on a bicycle and so he's at 'attention' now.