April 1, 2000 - December 23, 2010
In memory of our beloved Emily, friend, companion, watch dog, comforter, and sweetheart.  We miss you 'lil gurl!  Hope you and Bear are exploring the trail ahead for when Jude and I get there.
Emily so loved to run and play!
She loved going for walkies on any trail as well.  If she saw me getting my backpack out there is NO WAY I could get out of the house without her coming along.
She also loved her mommy Jude bunches too!
The first 3 years of Emily's life were spent as a show dog for some guy in Seattle.  The fella figured out she needed to be someone's special somebody and we all found each other.  Maybe the show thing is why whenever I turned my camera on her she could throw down a pose with the best of them...as demonstrated by the above 3 photos.
Emily had this strange way of begging.  She would not face you directly, but she would cut her eyes over as far as she needed to so she could watch you while eating!  Too damned funny to see her do it!
Although once in a while she would try to melt your heart with her direct gaze too.
Did I mention she liked to run...
...and run...
...and sometimes jump and catch...
...and run...
...and run some more!
This is the look I would get when she saw me with my backpack..."can I go huh can I can I PLEEEEASE?"
Typical look as Emily waits to be let in
I like to call this one "Sister Emily", as she looks like a cute lil doggy nun!
Jude and Emily on Sauk mountain
And of course as evening falls and it gets to be time for bed we make Emily sleep on a bed of nails in either the coldest or hottest part of the house and...
...ok, maybe not exactly that.  LOL!
It's ok lil honey.  You run up and catch Bear.  He'll take good care of you.  You and him scout the trail in front of us.  We'll be along one day...and we'll play so much!  You are in our hearts little one.  I hope you carry us in yours too.  May love go with you on your journey...