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This option was introduced in Philologic 3V02.


philoload dbname --texttype=[ate|docbook|plaintext] file.ext


Philologic can load several types of files:

  • TEI SGML/XML (default)
  • Docbook
  • Plain text

The default is TEI, so if you don't specify anything, that's what we'll assume it will be. If you want to use ATE, Docbook or plain text, you'll need to specify that. There are two ways to do this. First, you may specify which loader and which bibliography extractor you want, as in:

philoload dbname --loader=/path/to/textloader --mkbibliography=/path/to/extractor file.ext

Note that the texttype option will not override any manually specified loader or bibliography extractor you specify on the command line.

However, you can also use a shortcut and put --texttype=type in the command line and the correct loader and bibliography extractor will be chosen for you, based on the following list:

  • ate
    • loader: xml-sgml-ateloader.plin
    • bib: dublin.extract.plin
  • docbook
    • loader: dbtextload.plin
    • bib: dbbiblio.plin
  • plaintext
    • loader: plaintextload.plin
    • bib: plainbiblio.plin
  • tei (default)
    • loader:xml-sgmloader.plin
    • bib: newextract.plin

Also note that after your load, if a texttype flag is provided, the value will not be propagated automatically to the database philo-db.cfg file. This can pose problems if you're using the philo popup notes feature. So be sure to set the $TextType value manually in philo-db.cfg.


The code that does that in philoload looks like this:

if (!$loader) {
if ($texttype == "ate") {
$loader = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/xml-sgml-ateloader.plin";
} elsif ($texttype == "docbook") {
$loader = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/dbtextload.plin";
} elsif ($texttype == "plaintext") {
$loader = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/plaintextload.plin";
} else {
$loader = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/xml-sgmlloader.plin";
if (!$mkbibliography) {
if ($texttype == "ate") {
$mkbibliography = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/dublin.extract.plin";
} elsif ($texttype == "docbook") {
$mkbibliography = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/dbbiblio.plin";
} elsif ($texttype == "plaintext") {
$mkbibliography = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/plainbiblio.plin";
} else {
$mkbibliography = "$PHILOBUILDDIR/utils/newextract.plin";