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Hardware Requirements

  • Disk: Philologic itself takes up approximately XX mb of disk space. Each database you load will also require space for indices, around XX mb for each XXX mb or data.
  • Architecture: Although we have only tested on the X86 and PPC architecture so far, we see no reason Philo could not be run on other systems, perhaps with a little compilier directive tweaking. Previous versions have run in production on Sparcs with no problem.
  • Ram, Processor, etc: Philo isn't much of a processor or memory hog and runs fairly fast with a small footprint. During the loading of a database, it will chew up a significant amount of processor time, so you might want to use nice or something like that to make sure it doesn't bring your other services to a crawl.

Software Requirements

  • GCC (OS X users must have Developer Tools ( installed)
  • Agrep is required for similarity searching to function
  • MySQL is required for bibliographic metadata handling (the Search:Terms button)
    • To enable MySQL searching, you'll need the DBI and DBD::MySQL Perl modules.
  • perl Unicode::String is required (
  • for RedHat Enterprise edition, /etc/selinux/config must be edited so that SELINUX is disabled -- SELINUX=disabled. As far as we can tell, this totally screws up philologic functionality because it does not let cgis run outside of the designated environment.

Instructions for different platforms