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3.2 Changes

Here are some of the updates we are considering for the upcoming 3.2 release:

Timeseries updates

The timeseries system has changed a bit. has been updated to be clearer and work with missing values better. The default form should be something along the lines of , so we should change that as well.

When we do the release, take the file from Diderot or Romulus, both are the same and updated.

Also, there may be trouble loading the timeseries sql files? Might want to look into that. On Diderot it didn't work, but on Romulus it did.


Include the philoload with a function to warn of a non-standard $CHARSINWORD pattern, so that you don't do a bunch of loads with funny word characters after doing a doing a load that has different criteria for words.

objectFormat line is killing <list tags

In Philosubs, the objectFormat subroutine has this line:

s/(<L *[^>]*>)/<br>\n/gi;

This line will eat up any tags that starts <l, notable the <<list tag, which we try to reformat later in the routine. We could either remove this line, or change it to:

s/(<L +[^>]*>)/<br>\n/gi;
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