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CAUTION! This WIKI is very much under construction.

This Wiki is a repository of information regard Philologic, the open source full-text search and retrieval engine designed and implemented by The ARTFL Project ( at The University of Chicago (

    • Capabilites: what Philologic can do
    • Development: How to get and install Philologic. How to load databases and configure search forms.
    • Use: From the end-user standpoint, how Philologic works. How to use the search forms and make sense of the results.
    • Todo: Bugs and fixes that need to be implemented.
    • 3.2Changes: Things we will be changing when we roll out version 3.2

New! OS X Tiger Install Guide: OSXTigerInstall

Even newer!! OS X Leopard Install Guide: Installing PhiloLogic for Leopard

EVEN EVEN NEWER!!! An OS X Snow Leopard Install Guide, dependencies from source: Click it

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