Academic Journal Articles

Post date: May 29, 2012 7:30:51 AM

Dr Tobin has published the following peer-reviewed articles:

Gichuru P & Tobin PKJ, 2004. Challenges encountered diffusing tacit knowledge at Eli Lilly SA. SA Journal of Information Management, 6(4): online

Krecek RC & Tobin PKJ, 2004. An analysis of opinions from veterinarians in South Africa regarding business management skills. Journal of South African Veterinary Association, 75(1): 24-29

Tobin PKJ & Snyman MMM, 2004. World-Class knowledge management: A proposed framework. South African Journal of Information Management, 6(3): online

Tobin PKJ & Snyman MMM, 2004. Storytelling and Knowledge Management: what's the story so far? Mousaion, 22(1): 34-51

Tobin PKJ & Franze MH, 2005. Organisational structure and knowledge management: A case study. Mousaion, 23(2): 149-164

Tobin PKJ and Bidoli M, 2006. Factors affecting the adoption of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other converged IP services in South Africa. South African Journal of Business Management, 37(1): 31-40

Tobin PKJ & Volavsek P, 2006. Knowledge Management measurement in South African organisations, Mousaion, 24(1): 96-112

Tobin PKJ & Magenuka T, 2006. Knowledge management and the JSE-listed construction sector companies. South African Journal of Information Management, 8(4). Online, available at

Misch A & Tobin PKJ, 2006. Knowledge management and cognitive theory: an African case study. Acta Commercii, Vol 6: 13-146.

Matthee MC, Tobin PKJ & Van der Merwe P, 2007. The status quo of Enterprise Architecture implementation in South African financial services companies. South African Journal of Business Management, 38(1): 11-23

Tobin PKJ, 2007. African business schools: information and communication technology survey. Acta Commercii, Vol 7: 29-39.

Tobin PKJ, 2007. Teaching IT through storytelling. South African Computer Journal, Vol 38, 51-61

Tobin PKJ & Snyman M.M.M., 2008. Once upon a time in Africa: a case study of storytelling for knowledge sharing. Aslib Proceedings, 60(2): 130-142