PTC Services

Peter Tobin Consultancy (PTC) is a management consulting practice that was established in 1994. Over the past twenty years PTC has offered a range of services based on World Class methods, tools, frameworks and standards, to assist individuals, teams and organisations to improve their performance in a number of selected focus areas. The overall approach to providing these solutions is shown on the right.


Business Plan Services
Coaching and Mentoring
IT Governance

IT Strategy

King IV(TM) Assessments

Knowledge Management

Monitoring and Evaluation

POPI Compliance Services

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

Risk Management

PTC operates on a network organisation basis, forming collaborative partnerships which then address specific customer needs, ensuring the solution proposed is both cost effective and focused on solving the needs of specific customers.


PTC Services List

Business Plan Services


BPS framework

BPS research

BPS business models

BPS drafting and revision

BPS presentations

BPS evaluations 


Coaching and Mentoring


C&M Executive awareness briefings
C&M Needs Assessment
C&M Business case evaluations
C&M Life cycle management
C&M Performance reviews
C&M Implementation
C&M Audits
C&M Education and training
C&M Project Management


IT Governance


ITG Executive awareness briefings

ITG Needs assessment

ITG Business case development

ITG Project planning

ITG Project implementation

ITG Maturity assessments

ITG Education and training

ITG Project Management


IT Strategy (ITS)


ITS Executive awareness briefings

ITS Needs Assessment

ITS Development

ITS Implementation

ITS Audit

ITS Benchmarking

ITS Education and training

ITS Project Management


Large Enterprise organisation assessments

SME organisation assessments

SOE organisation assessments

NPO organisation assessments

Responsibilities of the Governing Body

Governance Outcmoes

Application Register

Full reporting


Knowledge Management (KM)


KM Executive awareness briefings

KM Needs Assessment

KM Business case development

KM Strategy Development

KM Strategy Implementation

KM Practices selection and implementation

KM Tools selection and implementation 

KM Maturity Assessments

KM Education and training

KM Project Management


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)


M&E Executive awareness briefings

M&E Needs Assessment

M&E Business case evaluations

M&E Life cycle management

M&E Implementation

M&E Audits

M&E Maturity assessments

M&E Support tools

POPI Compliance Services (POPI)

POPI Business case
POPI Compliance assessment
POPI Compliance operations audit/health checks
POPI Education and training for stakeholders
POPI Executive awareness
POPI Governance
POPI Information security and data governance consulting
POPI Ongoing support and advice service
POPI Performance reporting
POPI Policies and related documentation
POPI Privacy impact assessments
POPI Process review compliance
POPI Project management support
POPI Strategy


Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (PPPM)


PPPM Executive awareness briefings

PPPM Needs Assessment

PPPM Business case evaluations

PPPM Life cycle management

PPPM Performance reviews

PPPM Office implementation

PPPM Audits

PPPM Maturity assessments

PPPM Education and training

PPPM Project Management

Risk Management

Risk Management strategy

Risk Management plans
Risk Management workshops
Risk Management coaching







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