PTC Projects

Listed below are examples of some of the projects undertaken by PTC in the last 20 years.

Business Plan Development

Project Example: PTC was engaged to assist a small software development start-up to put together a comprehensive business plan. The resulting plan included not only the standard text document but also a comprehensive financial and marketing model; a presentation suitable for marketing the business plan; ongoing advice to the client in terms of access to funding.

Business Plan Evaluation

Project Example: PTC has worked with a state-owned enterprise over a ten year period to provide evaluation of innovation funding proposals across a wide range of projects. These evaluations have included conducting extensive desk research, interviewing applicants, conducting in-project and post-project evaluations.

Business Simulations

Project Example: PTC delivered business simulations in both French and English to South African and leading multi-national companies in support of their efforts to improve organisational performance through enhanced understanding of basic business principles and effective teamwork.

 Case Study Development

 Project Example: PTC researched and wrote a detailed case study for a leading State Owned Enterprise which was looking to understand the evolution of a major community and business development project.

Coaching and Mentoring

Project Example: PTC has offered coaching services to individuals (from graduate intern to experienced manager level) as well as developing specific coaching assessment tools with a focus on the Project Management function. A recent project involved coaching a Knowledge Management function at a major South African bank.

Corporate and IT Governance

Project Example: PTC developed and delivered a number of IT Governance workshops based on a World Class best practice framework for delegates from over a dozen African countries who were able to learn how to effectively implement IT Governance in their organisations. A recent project involved the evaluation of the impact of the new Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

IT Strategy

Project Example: PTC facilitated an IT strategy workshop for a large listed company which wanted to improve its approach to the use of IT service providers as part of its overall approach to its IT Strategy development and implementation.

 Innovation Management

 Project Example: PTC evaluated over a ten year period numerous project proposals on behalf of a South African Government funded agency which needed to assess investment decisions in a wide variety of project funding requests.

 Knowledge Management

Project Example: PTC has delivered workshops designed around World class best practices on behalf of a leading specialist conference company which addresses the needs of organisations which are looking for ways to improve their effective implementation of a Knowledge Management strategy. These KM workshops include advising a national utility in a West African country on their KM strategy and implementation plan. Additionally PTC has advised a South African State Owned Enterprise on their KM roadmap and implementation. PTC has supported both academic and professional institutions with the use of a number of KM tools such as Storytelling and Knowledge Cafe.

Market Research

Project Example: PTC undertook a global Market Research project on behalf of a South African government funded start-up business which was looking for the best way to assess market conditions prior to the introduction of an innovative solution to safety issues in the mining industry.

 Monitoring and Evaluation

 Project Example: PTC developed and delivered a workshop on behalf of a Southern Africa regional body which was looking for a World Class method to support the implementation of effective Monitoring and Evaluation in a wide variety of development projects. PTC later revised this material for delivery to a SADC region national power utility.

 Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

 Project Example: PTC developed and delivered a series of workshops based on a World Class methodology to provide both introductory and advanced skills in the field of Project Management, delivered in a number of Southern Africa region countries. PTC has also provided coaching services in the PM field, including the development of a number of assessment tools for PM performance improvement.

Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) & EU GDPR compliance

 Project Example: PTC worked with a number of key partners, BDO South Africa and Mauritius, Grant Thornton Johannesburg and IACT-Africa to support a range of clients in their projects to prepare for compliance with the South African data privacy legislation which was signed into law in late 2013 and the EU GDPR which came into force in May 2018. The projects included assessments, policy and training material development, among other aspects.

 World Class Performance

 Project Example: PTC developed and delivered a workshop based on a World Class methodology to provide practical tools to implement and measure World Class Performance.

 PTC Endorsements