Updated app

Post date: Jun 15, 2010 4:43:06 AM

HI folks,

We posted a update to the web game and the Android game. Changes:

* Updated the stylesheets to include The Mozilla pre-CSS3 selectors, so now Firefox browsers enjoy the curved borders. No more sharp edges on the cards :-)

* Cards are selected on "mouse-down" instead of "click", which should make gameplay feel a bit more responsive.

* New UI option: "Decorate newly dealt cards." With this option enabled, the borders of newly-dealt cards will be slightly darker. After clearing a matched set, the new cards are most likely to be part of next matched set, so the darkened borders will help you focus your search.

* A "Training" mode that sets recommended options to help folks who are practicing for competitive Set.

* Minor layout tweaks. Let us know if you like the changes.

What is your best time? Here at Pascalcula HQ, the record is 6:26, but we know if can be beaten. PHQ hosted a visitor (and 3qual play-tester) M-- last week, and we played a 4-player game of Set with the actual paper cards. We finished the game in under 4 minutes, with a score of approximately 20-2-1-1. M-- also taught us how to play 2-on-2 team Set, which was a ton of fun, and reminded us that we need to get to work on a proper multiplayer version of 3qual.

What do you think? Would you want to huddle with a freind and hunch over your phone--or maybe tablet/pad--to play multiplayer 3qual?