Ads show; layout bug; Hint bug fixed

Post date: May 28, 2010 5:06:44 AM

2 bits of news today:

* The "Ads" variation of 3qual wasn't serving ads before today; there was just a black bar where the ads belong. The ads have now been activated on the server-side, and ads will appear during gameplay in "3qual (Ads)". The ad-free version is also still in the market.

* Yes, there are a couple of bugs [Update: 1 bug].

#1 is that the UI layout is messed up in the Ads version, since the Ads take up screen space and squish some of the buttons. Also, the User Experience isn't great with the clickable ads adjacent to the gameplay buttons. Until the layout is fixed, enjoy the ad-free version of the app.

#2 is that the Help button isn't working! I apologize, everyone! The Help button works fine in the web version (running the same code), but for some reason the cards don't shake like they should in the Android version. I think the reason is either because I included the wrong version of jQuery.js in the app, or there's some Javascript difference between the Browser and the WebView in the app. I probably just messed up jQuery. I hope to have a fixed version published this weekend. [Update 29 minutes later: A jquery file was missing from the package. I have fixed both apps and uploaded v1.1.1 to the Market. Enjoy!]