Welcome to the University of Oklahoma Economics Club!

Econ Club Fall 2019 Schedule

See our meeting times and location (probably ZOOM) in the schedule.

If you have any questions about the club or our events, please email us at oueconomicsclub@gmail.com

The Economics Club seeks to enhance economic knowledge within the OU community through fun and relevant events. We welcome all students to come to our meetings; you do not need to send us an application, pay any dues (we don't have any!), or be an Econ Major.

We also served free food!*

The OU Econ Club promotes economics as a field of study to potential majors/minors, hosts events for students of all majors to see applications of economics, and provides opportunities for those with an interest in economics to meet and network. Our meetings include a weekly speaker series with lectures by OU Professors on the applications of economics in their research, community game nights and trivia nights.

The OU Econ Club goes on a trip to the Dallas Federal Reserve in April each year. To see photos from last year's trip, please visit the gallery. Information about the 2021 Fed Trip will be forthcoming. We also participate in the Big Event.

To receive updates about club events, join our mailing list by sending an email to oueconomicsclub@gmail.com with the subject line "Join." Also, check out our ENGAGE page (hey look it rhymes)!

If you would like more information or have any questions, check out the other tabs on our website or email oueconomicsclub@gmail.com.

*from Papa John's Pizza, although with new changes this year, the menu might be expanding to include pad thai. Although we are aware that technically there's no such thing as a free lunch (or dinner), we believe students will find that the marginal benefits of attending meetings far outweigh the marginal costs!† Well, we used to, but then a plague happened. It turns out that it is hard to give everyone on a zoom call food.

Econ Club at the Economic Scholars Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 2019

Econ Club at the Big Event 2019