Brush-footed Butterflies - Family Nymphalidae 

The species in this family vary greatly in size, wing shape, and colour, making it difficult to make any general statements about their appearance.   

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Snouts - Subfamily Libytheinae

Fritillaries - Subfamily Arginninae 

Checkerspots and Crescents - Subfamily Melitaeinae

Anglewings, Tortoiseshells, and Thistle Butterflies - Subfamily Nymphalinae

Admirals - Subfamily Limenitidae

Goatweed Butterflies - Subfamily Charaxinae 

Emperors - Subfamily Apaturinae 

Satyrs, Nymphs, and Arctics - Subfamily Satyrinae 

Milkweed Butterflies - Subfamily Danainae

 More info on the family can be found on the Butterflies of Canada website