About my images:

The photographs featured on this site were largely captured in Canada's National Capital region, with occasional forays into other parts of Ontario, Quebec, and beyond. They represent only a small sample of my collection. In selecting images for this website, I've tried to balance considerations of image quality, composition, condition of the butterfly, etc.

Please note that the images on this website are low resolution, and compressed. This makes for quicker display for those with slower internet connections, and helps discourage unauthorized reuse of the images.

My images have been featured in several publications, including:

  • The ROM Field Guide to Butterflies of Ontario
  • The Butterflies of Algonquin Provincial Park
  • My own self-published Pocket Guides

Though I did experiment with flash photography early on, I found I preferred to use natural lighting. The images featured on this site were captured using ambient light without the benefit of a monopod or tripod. Early in the 2009 season, I switched from a film SLR to a digital SLR. For more on that, visit my equipment page.

The butterflies were not posed or manipulated in any way.