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Testimonials from some of our members who have visited Lavare in France:

Great food which more satisfied any good Englishman!
Once again it has been a great visit to Lavaré and we have been treated most royally! We've been taken out to some of their national interests and to savour the French way of living. We have enjoyed our stay with great food which has been more than enough to satisfy any good Englishman. We had the evening Soiree on the Friday evening, where we were entertained by a group of line dancers. The convivial atmostphere of the whole eveing is one to be seen to be enjoyed, and take part in. The food again was very good.
Barry Leggett

The Most Incredible 5 Days in Lavaré
We've just had the most incredible 5 days in Lavaré. I was staying with a French family with my boyfriend Christian. I speak a little bit of French, but Christian doesn't speak any French at all. The family we stayed with spoke a little bit of English and between us we made ourselves understood. We got on really well with the family and they are definitely coming back next year to visit us. We've started a great friendship, there was plenty of booze in true French style, a great knees-up party night as well on the Friday, with a lot of dancing and it was all really amazing fun. You have to join us next time... if you don't know any French, it really doesn't matter, you will get by because the people of Lavaré are absolutely wonderful and they will always make you feel welcome.
Joanne Moore

My first visit and I felt very much at home...
I've just been on my first exchange trip to Lavaré. I was initially a bit worried, as I didn't speak a word of French, I hadn't been to France for a long time, I hardly knew anyone on the trip. I knew it was going to be good fun from the start, but I wasn't sure how the week was going to pan out. It has been the most fantastic week ever. The French welcomed me with open arms, fantastic food and booze and had really great fund with them. Staying in their house, they were very welcoming, the wife spoke a bit of English, her husband didn't speak any English and I still felt very much at home. I think I've got "big brother" status with their son! It was an aboslutlely fantastic trip, I am on cloud 9, and I will defintely be going back.
Christian Swift

It was brilliant, very well organised and we had fun!
I've just taken my granddaughter to Lavaré. We didn't know who we were going to stay with as we've never been on a trip like this before. We stayed with a lovely family who had never offered any hosting before, so it was new to them and us. They were wonderful peole and very hospitable and took the trouble to find out things about us. They took us to places we wanted to go. It was brilliant, very well organised and we had fun!
Bob Hobbs

An enjoyable time with our French hosts
As well as having an enjoyable time in meeting our French hosts yet again, and enjoying the countryside, it was good to have an opportunity to talk about how the democratic process works in France, and the way the local council works. I also enjoyed a very good debate on education in that particular area of France. And I don't speak any French! A great trip.
Judy Leggett

Great food, very friendly and welcoming
Just returned form Lavaré, good company, great food, very friendly and welcoming. We visited lots of interesting places.
Nicki Lake

The family we stay with are very friendly
The family we stay with are very friendly, and altough their English is fairly limited, hand signals work well and they are a very friendly couple with two young daughters. As a group we do things together and we get looked after very well. Good food and good wine!
Keith Lake

You don't have to know any French
I'm coming back from my 5th visit to Lavaré. I love going there because the people are so warm and welcoming. You see a side a France that you never normally see, because you are talking with people in a personal way. They often introduce you to their neighbours and their extended family. It's a busy few days, but they are so welcoming and the trip is so worthwhile. You don't have to know any French because most of them know a little bit of English and you get by anyway. The days are filled with visits to interesting places.
Mary Osborne

The kindness and hospitality was remarkable and I feel I've made new friends.
It's the first time I've made such a visit and in all respects, it was beyond all expectations. The kindness and hospitality was remarkable and I feel I've made new friends. The reception has not been dependent on speaking French.
Edward Stanley

I recommend that if anyone is thinking of going, go, you won't be disappointed.
First time I've been and it won't be the last. The warmth from our hosts was wonderful. Without exception, it was probably one of the warmest receptions I've ever had. My own host and her dog were excellent. Whenever we were together, the camaraderie and the friendship could be felt. It was warm and on-going and it was sad to leave because of the kindness and nicety of the people we have been staying with. I recommend that if anyone is thinking of going, go, you won't be disappointed.
Barry Palmer

Absolutely brilliant!
This was my second visit to Lavaré. Absolutely brilliant, and I can't understand why people from Old Catton don't take up the offer. The Lavaré people are wonderful and the families are absolutely terrific.
Sid Clarke

It's a wonderful time, and if you've not going, you're missing out.
This is the third time we've been to Lavaré with the Twinning Association. We stay with Gilbert and Annik who have become friends. We get a wonderful welcome in Lavaré. There are no superlatives to state what they do for us. We like them, they like us. It's a wonderful time, and if you're not going, you're missing out.
Mike Schofield

The people are so friendly and you are treated like royalty,
I've had a really lovely time in Lavaré. The people are so friendly and you are treated like royalty, it's wonderful. The party night is wonderful and the food is out of this world. I didn't have any concerns about staying with people I didn't know as I have a sense of adventure and enjoy doing something different.
Janet Wyer

Super week-end chez nos amis anglais merci beaucoup pour leur hospitalité - a great weekend with our English friends and thank you for your hospitality.
Valou Bruneau