Course Offerings

Chamber Orchestra Honors (Audition-Only Honors Course) - (6th Period 12:45-2:25 p.m. on B days)

Established in 2014, Chamber Orchestra Honors is only available during period 6 and takes places every other day on B days. In addition to all the regular required strings performances, the ensemble also participates in additional performances throughout the year at NP and throughout the community. Regular collaboration with band, choir and various local artists and symphonies, with clinics with esteemed conductors, performers and music professors. Students in this ensemble have been recipients of California Orchestra Director's Association Honor Orchestra, All-Southern Honor Orchestra, All-State Orchestra and some have performed at Carnegie Hall. While some have gone on to major and pursue a music career, many alumni have continued participating in university symphonies and various musical groups upon graduation.

Auditions for Chamber Orchestra Honors typically occur in January for continuing students and February/March for incoming students. Any 8th grade student hoping to audition their first year must audition before they register for courses for their freshman year - please note however that only a very limited number of freshman are usually accepted into this group. Transfer students hoping to get into this ensemble will need to contact Mrs Huang for inquiries on whether they would be eligible to audition.

Concert Orchestra (Audition Only) - (6th Period 12:45-2:25 p.m.) on B days

Students who do not pass the chamber audition but demonstrate enough technical, musical foundation and a strong work ethic are allowed to stay in the class as a Concert Orchestra member. At least 3 years of experience with serious private lessons is typical of the students who are placed in this ensemble. This group meets at the same time during period 6 alongside Chamber Orchestra Honors and performs together for all major concerts, but these students receive additional coaching as needed, receive more differentiated assignments and parts, and are graded based on their individual progress.

String Orchestra/Orchestra CP (Instructor Permission Required) - (7:30-8:20 a.m. daily)

All incoming strings freshmen who have been in their middle school strings programs receive automatic acceptance into this class.

The String Orchestra was the first strings class ever to be offered at NPHS. Its staggering growth since 2013 has led to the creation of the other strings courses. It has since its inception, this class accepts students of all ability levels. This class performs at winter concert, All-District Concert, Spring Concert and SCSBOA festivals. The highlights include recording sound track music at Disneyland and attending the Heritage Festival trips. It is designed to be a continuous course with the possibility of auditioning for Concert/Chamber Orchestra in later years.

Beginning Strings (7:30-8:20 a.m. daily concurrent with String Orchestra)

This is the only Beginning Strings course offered in CVUSD. It accepts any student who is new to string orchestra or simply new to playing a stringed instrument. Students who have been in middle school strings but still need help with basics will be enrolled in this class at the same time as String Orchestra. This class provides a thorough guide ranging from the basics, note-reading, rhythm to extended techniques and fundamental ensemble playing skills necessary for String Orchestra. A 7th period hybrid option may also be available depending on individual schedules.

Class times may vary depending on the school's master schedule, please check the NPHS Website (here) for the latest updates.

For any questions or potential conflicts, contact Orchestra Director Mrs Tina Huang at