Latest Recipes

Chipotle Salmon, Quinoa and Corn Salad with Jalapeno Dressing "I first cooked this dish craving some zesty vibrant Mexican summer flavours in the middle of winter. It really hit the spot... "

Vegan Ragu "The flavours of tomato, miso and soy sauce is inspired, giving a serious umami flavour hit, which is Italian rather than Japanese..."

Burrata and Burnt Orange on Sourdough with Fennel Seeds " This is a zingy and zesty (Nik’s favourite flavour adjectives) dish for peak orange season – blood oranges are fantastic in this dish..."

Raspberry Mousse "This intensely flavoured light-as-a feather mousse brings a bit of summer all year round – I usually freeze the glut of garden raspberries so that I can recapture summer around the solstice..."

Vegan Rice Paper Parcels "These lovely crunchy parcels are cooked versions of the raw rice paper rolls. They are great for the cooler months ..."

Leek, Potato and Smoked Haddock Stew "This is a delicious warming stew rather than a soup, introducing some Japanese ingredients to a British (some might argue Scottish) classic...."

Mushroom and Feta Tacos with Apple Salsa "The rich creamy taste of the mushrooms, the crisp, green of the cabbage and the sharp sweet hot apple salsa all go very well together wrapped in a corn tortilla..."

Hot and Sour Melon and Cashew Salad "This vegan Asian-inspired late summer salad is all about texture and flavour. It is great way to eat your way through a glut of cucumbers..."

Halloumi and Warm Lentil Salad "A plate full of herby loveliness, the crispy, crunchy pan fried halloumi goes very well with the warm, fragrant salad. A great dish for summer or winter..."

Curd, Blueberry, Beetroot and Watercress Salad "Thanks to Diana Henry for this recipe in her wonderful 'A Change of Apetite' book, which gave us a roadmap to clean, healthy, ethical eating without compromising on flavour and inventiveness..."

South-East Asian Prawn and Broccoli Stir Fry " This quick and utterly delicious dish blends aspects of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines. The spicing is a great way to make the most of veg lurking in the fridge in need of cooking..."

Smoky Spanish Fish and Butter Bean Stew "This Spanish inspired recipe is packed full of sophisticated flavours... "

Mexican Eggs with Refried Beans " What is it about Mexican food that hits the spot, particularly at breakfast..."

Clams with Tequila and Chipotle Sauce "This Mexican inspired dish is so delicious...use this as an excuse to make your own Chipotle en Adobo"

Fish Pie "This is comfort food at its best, plus there are 2 of your 5 a day in this version. The fish isn't pre-cooked. It cooks in the dill and onion infused milk, so it maintains its texture and doesn't dry out..."

Mexican Panzanella "This is an utterly delicious fusion of Italian Panzanella (a bread/tomato/onion salad), with Mexican flavoured sweet potatoes and mushrooms..."

Korean Vegetable Pancakes "This is a reminder of lovely meals in South Korea. It is a great way to tidy up vegetables that need to be eaten, but cabbage, leek and carrot are the dream team..."

Potatas Bravas "The sauce is warm but not fiery, with the flavour of the tomatoes and herbs in the foreground, and the potatoes are robust and flavourful. If there is a glut of tomatoes, then they can be used instead of tinned..."

Sesame Wafers "These wafer-y biscuits went down a storm at Nik’s book launch. The mace gives a lovely subtle flavour. They pretty much go with everything..."

Open Plan Lasagne "...the way the pasta goes cheesey-crunchy around the edges is excellent, and the fruity tomato and zingy mushrooms work very well together..."

Smoky Passion "’s sweet and savoury in equal measures, with a lovely intensity brought by the cayenne..."

Miso Sprouts, Basmati Rice and Pickles "...lush and green and juicy and appetising, the mushrooms and miso complimenting the sprouts perfectly..."

Salmon Teriyaki with Quinoa & Greens "...The juicy, sweet, exotically flavoured fish, the lush greens and the nutty, grassy quinoa, plus their chilli and coriander garnish, all sit together incredibly well..."

Mushroom and Spelt Soup " yet sophisticated, with a superb vegetal/mushroom flavour, and the spelt rounds it out beautifully, with a great nutty taste and texture..."

Fast Breakfast Quesadillas "...creamy, herby, cheesy and not too fiery..."

Peruvian Baked Sweet Potatoes "...the lush, near-fruity taste of the sweet potatoes goes incredibly well with that perfectly balanced sweet/sour dressing..."

Peruvian Quinoa Burgers with Salsa Criolla and Fruity Herby Yoghurt Dressing "...a superbly juicy/crunchy texture, and a fresh, cheesy/veggie flavour, they are an absolute delight, especially with the herby yoghurt dressing and the tomato salsa..."

Prawn Sivinche "...the robust, sweet and salty flavour of the ceviched prawns is lifted to new heights by its dressing and the lovely herb mix, while the avocado and toast are the perfect accompaniment..."

Japanese Cheesecake "...fluffy and moussey, with a lovely gentle eggy, cheesey, lemony flavour..."

Cauliflower Umami Bisque with Fried Capers "...a lovely rich, deep flavour from all the oven roasted veg and the cashew cream..."

Deconstructed Tortilla Salad "...a lovely rich flavour, bright and zesty too..."

Stuffed Courgette Flowers with a Tomato Salad "...the filling is rich, yet light, and goes beautifully with the slightly citrusy petals and the crunchy green courgettes...'

Prawns with Red Pepper Cardamom Soup "...the sweet, salty prawns work beautifully with the rich, yet light sauce, and the sweet/sour crunch of croutons..."

Chilli Sans Carne "...authentically spicy and complex, with a fruity, zesty flavour from the peppers and tomatoes, balancing beautifully with the beans and chillies..."

Mushroom, Nut and Lentil Paté "...the rich mushroomy taste, with a hint of chive and a hint of lemon, is just delicious..."

Spicy Cucumber and Shrimp Noodle Salad "...a match made in heaven between the gentle, wheaty flavour of the noodles, the sweet sea-y taste of the prawns, and the crisp green crunch of the cucumber, all sitting beautifully with the sweet, fairly spicy, fruity dressing..."

Pomegranate and Rose Ice Cream "...imagine what a really good quality rose Turkish Delight (lokum) ice cream might taste like and you get some idea of the delightfully complex flavours in this recipe..."

Watercress and Basmati Soup '...the lovely leafy flavour of the watercress, lifted by the yuzu, combines very nicely indeed with the richness of the basmati...'

Date and Tomato Chutney "...absolutely delicious, with a bright, juicy, fruity flavour, given extra depth, richness and sophistication by the use of dates..."

Mushroom, Tofu and Chilli Stir Fry "...the sauce, coming somewhere between East Asia and Mexico, is hot and sophisticated and lifts the veggies’ flavours to a rich, juicy, clever level..."

Broccoli Umami Appetiser "...the combination of the pine nuts, parmesan and truffle is especially appetising, and goes beautifully with the fresh green taste of the just-cooked broccoli..."

Haddock Paper Parcels with Blood Orange, Lentils & Greens "...the waft of a lovely dinner your diners get when they open the paper parcels is amazing, the orange and tarragon melding perfectly, sitting alongside the fish and veggies incredibly well..."

Lemon and Tarragon Poached Haddock with Beluga Lentils and Piquant Sauce "...the fish in its reduction/dressing is divine, sweet and warm and a little bit herby, while the lentils and greens go very well indeed with them..."

Spiced Haddock Tacos with Mango Salsa "...the creamy, sweet, spicy fish sits beautifully with the zesty, summery salsa, and the sweet, comforting corn tacos..."

Korean Vegetable Rice Bowl with Courgette Pickle "...just cooked veggies, creamy tasty rice, and a superb nutty, fruity sauce..."

Lobster and Prawn Bisque '’s amazing how much flavour you can extract by baking the lobster and prawn shells... and baking some of the veg alongside the shells adds a layer of richness that works very well indeed...'

Gluten Free New York Baked Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis "...a deliciously lemony mousse-like cheesecake... with a lovely firm, creamy texture...'

Roast Onion Soup with Cheese Toast "...a veggie (vegan if you omit the cheese and butter) version of the classic French Onion soup... has a rich, well structured flavour of caramelised onion..."