Latest Recipes

Yuzu Tofu Ice Cream "...both delicious and refreshing, with a rich, creamy, almost savoury taste..."

Monkfish and Prawn Tacos with Cabbage and Coriander Salad "...this lovely dish matches the spicy salt of the fish, the rich, creamy avocado, the sweet/savoury crispness of the salad and of course that all-important corny taco flavour..."

Crispy Black Lentils with Peaches and Shaved Pecorino "...a lovely salad, bringing together the lovely nutty flavour of the lentils and two very summery flavours, peach and basil..."

Soba Noodle Salad with Sesame Dressing "...this delicious Japanese noodle dish is rich and satisfying without being overfilling, going beautifully with some wakame seaweed..."

Sorrel Ice Cream with Strawberries "...flavour best described as a slightly chlorophyll-ish lemon meringue ice cream..."

Raspberry Gelato with Cocoa Nibs "...the luxurious, sharp fruity flavour sits very well with the rich, chocolatey nibs..."

Baked Egg Tortilla " and unctuous, flavoursome and sophisticated with the mozzarella chunks giving little bubbles of lovely cheesey flavour..."

Monkfish, Tomato and Chickpea Cazuela "...luscious and luxurious and hearty, clean and clever and sophisticated..."

Chipotles En Adobo "...smoky and fiery and works as a condiment for most Mexican dishes, used as a base for a tomato salsa or chilli con carne..."

Broad Bean, Pea and New Potato Quesadillas "...seemingly rustic, it is actually very sophisticated; the flavours come through in layers..."

Cachapas with Roasted Tomatoes and Creamed Avocado "...the sweet/savoury taste of the cachapas (a sort of corn pancake) going very well with the light, sweet creamy avocado mix and the rich, juicy tomatoes..."

Pan-Fried Halloumi and Roast Fennel Salad with Orange Dressing "...a rich, succulent, incredibly tasty salad, with the various flavours and textures going together wonderfully well..."

Sopas Filled with Slow Bean Soup "...The rich, sophisticated soup, both beany and chocolatey, goes wonderfully well with the warm, creamy sopas (little baked corn pastry cups)..."

Smoked Haddock Takikomi " and luxurious, sophisticated and classy, the gentle flavours and texture of the rice melding beautifully with the just cooked smoked fish..."

Miso-glazed Hake with Prawn Dumplings in Shiso Broth "...the sweet/sour flavour of miso, the sweet/salt taste of the prawns and the hake, and the clean, wholesome crunch and taste of the vegetables all work very well together..."

Scallop Ceviche with Avocado Puree, Cocoa Dressing and Corn Tortillas "...the chocolate, unsweetened, and the scallops, sweet and sea-ish, go incredibly well together, giving a luxurious mouthful, alongside the rich, creamy avocado and the superbly corny tacos..."

Miso Crab Salad "...A deliciously different way of presenting crab, this is a lovely summer dish; sweet and light and savoury and satisfying..."

Very Slow Cooked Black Bean Soup with Chocolate, Avocado and Tortilla "...the soup has a deep, rich beany flavour with a dark gentle hint of chocolate..."

Roast Butternut Squash with Caramelised Cranberries and Goat’s Cheese "...the sweet, caramelly cranberries working beautifully with the creamy goat’s cheese and the warm, veggie flavour of the squash..."

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Veggie Pancakes) "...tasty and satisfying, surprisingly complex and sophisticated, with crunchy, caramelised cabbage on the surfaces and round the edges, and a light, flavoursome, quite fluffy batter within..."

Chilled Mushroom Soup, Japanese Style "...a beautiful, intense, mushroomy and miso-y flavour, and a lovely smooth texture..."

The Best Vegetarian Ravioli* in the World, with Tomato Salsa "...the chard/cheese/herb filling tastes amazing, and they all work beautifully together with the vegetable stock; nothing dominates, everything sits together perfectly..."

Truffly Mushroom Quesadillas "...the crunch of the tortilla wraps works well with the rich, luxurious cheese and mushroom filling, while the tomato salsa sets it off very well..."

Donburi, or Japanese Rice Bowls "...a lovely way of eating, warm and welcoming and nurturing, you can mix the fish and miso soup and rice and accompaniments in all sorts of lovely ways..."

Vegan Florentine with Turmeric Hollandaise "...a satisfying melange of cooked and raw veg, with an amazing hollandaise-like sauce that just happens to be completely vegan..."