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Since 1998, Nik Devlin and Edwina fitzPatrick have been cooking together and this is our food archive. It has over 300 amazing recipes from around the world. If you love fish, vegetarian and plant based cookery, this is the place for you. Some recipes we’ve invented, some are inherited, others are adapted and evolved from existing publications. Many thanks are due to friends who have passed on recipes (you do get credited!). Here's the Instagram link

We wanted to grow as much food as we could in our small garden. A combination of slugs, pigeons, squirrels and wind made us realise that for many crops (eg. tomatoes, brassicas, herbs etc...) that this wasn't going to happen unless we built a greenhouse. So we built two. The garden now has many fruits growing (including tons of raspberries - many not actually planted by us) and bee and butterfly friendly flowers.

We've had bee hives in the garden since 2010, and it's been quite a learning curve. The one thing we know for sure is that the more that you learn about being with bees, the less you know, and that they usually know best. We don't keep bees for the honey - it is a lovely bonus - but we keep them because they are vital pollinators and indicators of weather changes.

Nik died completely unexpectedly as a result of Covid-19 in March 2020. Edwina has upgraded this website because she wants to keep sharing and adding to these recipes and thinks that Nik would want her to do this too. He talked about cooking as a form of making love. I hope that you agree.

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