We are Nik Devlin and Edwina fitzPatrick. Since 1998, we've been cooking together and this is our food archive. Some recipes we’ve invented, some are inherited, others are adapted and evolved from existing publications. Many thanks are due to friends who have passed on recipes (you do get credited!), and to Crystal Palace Library in South London for having an excellent food reference section too (See the bookshelf section for some of our favourite cookery books). 

Another passion of ours is beekeeping. We've had bee hives in our garden since 2010, and it's been quite a learning curve. The one thing we know for sure is that the more that you learn about working with bees, the less you know, and that the bees usually know best. We don't keep bees for the honey - it is a bonus - but in 2014 they produced a very good harvest of superb honey which we sold through Crystal Palace Food Market, part of the Transition Town movement. There was a modest harvest in 2015, none at all in 2016; as of Spring 2017, we are waiting to restock both of our hives with new bees and Queens.