In March 2016, NGLC in Oakland announced the selection of six Oakland public schools to receive $2,100,000 in Launch Grant awards over two years. These schools are:

  2. Lodestar
  3. Redwood Heights
  4. Roosevelt Middle School
  5. Urban Montessori
  6. Urban Promise Academy

Each school will receive $350,000 over two years. Blueprints are viewable via Google Drive.

In August 2016, NGLC in Oakland announced that East Bay Innovation Academy would join the cohort. As a member of the NGLC in Oakland cohort, EBIA will receive $150,000 over three years from RFF, and will participate in launch cohort support activities. EBIA also received a launch grant from the Silicon Schools Fund, one of our close partners.

In Spring 2015, NGLC in Oakland selected ten Oakland public schools to receiving Planning Grant awards. These schools are:

  1. ASCEND K8
  2. Envision Academy HS
  3. Garfield ES
  4. La Escuelita K8
  5. Lodestar K12*
  6. Oakland Unity MS
  7. Redwood Heights ES*
  8. Roosevelt MS
  9. Urban Montessori K8*
  10. Urban Promise Academy MS

*The combined planning grant total was $720,000, with these three schools each receiving $100,000 and the other seven schools each receiving $60,000.