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Weight : 90g

Height: 2.5cm

Length: 10 cm

Width: 7.5 cm

Gears: spur (KHK DS 0.5-40) pinion (KG S50B 12K-1007) -> 40:12 ratio

Processor: stm32F103RE

TurnSpeed:1.3 m/s

StraightSpeed: 3.5 m/s

Acceleration:13.0 m/s/s

Motor: Faulhaber 1717T06SR IE256 (6volt)

Battery : Lithium Polymer 150mAh 1P2S

Motor driver : Zetex ZXMHC3A01T8

IR transmitter : SFH4511

IR receiver : TEFT4300

Gyro : Analog Devices adxrs610

Min7 is my first 4-wheel mouse. Surprisingly, it can turn as well as Min6 and of course, it is faster on the straight than Min6.

Circuit Diagram & PCB Layout