WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

Training Schedule

Day1 AM - WSS Introduction, OmniDrive Introduction, Software Installation
Day1 PM - RobotBase design & Assembly
Day2 - RobotBase design & Assembly
Day3 - Hardware Testing - encoder and DC motor
Day4 - Sensor and Motors
Day5 - Movement. MoveRobot, etc.
Day6-7 - Robot exercises
Schedule to be driven by exercises.

Our Final Goals

  • WorldSkills Singapore, WSS2023 (Likely March)

  • Asean Competition (To be held in Singapore)

  • WorldSkills France 2024

No info yet on WSS2023, so we are going to use WSS2021 as the basis for our training.

Useful websites:

This training goals:

  • Learn the main hardware components (mechanical and electronic) of Robotics kit

  • Assemble an omni drive robot base

  • Learn the main software components of Robotics kit

  • Practice and learn Java and WPILIB

  • Control and run a 3wheel drive robot

WSS2021 as introduction

WSS2021_Competitor Info document draft _v2.pdf

Worldskill Shanghai

What can we expect in 2023?

  1. Similar robot hardware

  2. Competition platform similar

  • structured indoor environment

  • mostly white

  • man made objects to manipulate