Who We Are

Whether you are new to York County or have lived here all your life, New Friends of York County is a great way to meet friendly women. Our purpose is to introduce new and current residents to each other and offer them an opportunity to form friendships through social events or special interest group activities. We're fun, we're exciting, and we've got a lot of terrific activities each week of the year. The best part of our group is that you decide how active you want to be--it's all up to you!! There are no requirements to join us other than pay membership dues and monthly meetings when you attend.

Whatever your interest--canasta, golf, bridge, book discussions, crafts, wine tasting, breakfast, lunch and dinner groups, bunco, movies, 500 or community service--we have a group for you.  

Our History

The group blossomed out of the Welcome Wagon club that was started in the 1950s and in the 1990s it became the Newcomer's Club. Around 2005, New Friends of York County was created to welcome all women in the York County area and provide a group with activities to foster friendship. A Board of Directors is in place to ensure regular meetings occur, that special interest groups are formed to support member interests, and that the group continues to evolve to meet membership needs.

Our Current Work

While not the only theme in the group, New Friends of York County is active in the community. We donate service time to the local Food Pantry, assist with fundraising events and activities for Habitat for Humanity, the York County SPCA, Cancer Awareness and others.  

Our Future

As long as there is women's community interest, the group will continue to identify and organize activities of interest in the York, PA area.