Professional Activities


Federal Aviation AdministrationFort Dearborn Lithographic company, Gartner Research Group, Lockheed Martin, Procter & Gamble, Gillette, Linens 'n Things, Objective Logistics, Glance, McDonald's, Rolls Royce, Comcast, Sberbank, RedMart, Expedia, JoAnn, Bay Sensors, eXperticity, Singapore Manufacturing Federation, Brinker International Restaurant, Keppel, Deloitte ConsultingFuture of the Economy Committee (Singapore Government), Rolls-Royce Motor Cars


    Management Science (Department Editor, Operations Management 2012-2017, Associate Editor 2007-2012).

    Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (Associate Editor 2005-current, Member of the Editorial Board: 2003-2004).

    Operations Research (Associate Editor 2007-2011, 2017-current).

    Production and Operations Management (Senior Editor 2006-2011, Member of the Editorial Board: 2003-2005).

    Special Issue of Production and Operations Management on Operations Management in Business to Business Markets: Practice and Research (Associate Editor, 2007-2008).

    Special Issue of Management Science on Marketing Within the Enterprise and Beyond, (Associate Editor 2010).

    Special Issue of Manufacturing and Service Operations Management on the Environment (Associate Editor 2011).

    Referee for: Management Science, Operations Research, Marketing Science, Transportation Science, European Journal of Operational Research, IIE Transactions, Naval Research Logistics, INFORMS Transactions of Education, International Journal of Production Planning and Control, MIT Sloan Management Review, IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, International Economic Review.


    PhD Dissertation advising: Manu Goyal (2005), Sergey Rumyantsev (2006), Sang-Hyun Kim (2009), Sam Aflaki (2011), Jun Li (2012), Jose Guajardo (2012), Tom Tan (2012), Buket Avci (2014), Nitish Jain (2014), Konstantinos Stouras (2016), Bhavani Uppari (2018), Christophe Pennetier (2020), Vivek Choudhari (2020), Rowena Gan (2020), Christian Kaps (current), Dmitri Sumkin (current).

    PhD Dissertation committees: Justin Ren (2003), Yi sXu (2003), Fuqiang Zhang (2004), Jayanth Krishnan (2006), Kinshuk Jerath (2008), Nitin Bakshi (2008), Robert Swinney (2009), Ramnath Vaydayanathan (2009), Pnina Feldman (2010), Javad Nasiry (2010), David Drake (2011), Elena Belavina (2012), Simone Marinesi (2014), Karca Aral (2014), George Ball (2015), Otso Massala (2016), Anup Walvekar (2018), Ashish Kabra (2018), Ozge Yapar (2019), Lesley Meng (2019), Vanitha Virudachalam (2019), Ekaterina AStashkina (2019), Ruslan Momot (2020), Park Sinchaisri (current), Alex Miller (current).



2021 Responsible Research in Business and Management Summit (Organizer).

2020 Supply Chain Thought Leaders Conference (Organizer).

2019 INFORMS Conference Organizing Committee, Seattle (
Tutorials Chair).

Member, MSOM Distinguished Fellow Committee, 2015-2016, 2016-2017.

President of the M&SOM Society of INFORMS, 2014-2015.

Executive Vice President and President-Elect
 of the M&SOM Society of INFORMS, 2013-2014.

Co-chair: 2013 M&SOM Annual Conference at INSESAD in Fontainebleau, France.

Committee member: The M&SOM 2013 Distinguished Service Award.

Judge: 2011 JFIG paper competition.

Judge: 2011 POMS Early Career Accomplishment Award.

Chair: 2009 POMS Best Paper Competition.

Judge: 2009 JFIG paper competition.

Co-Chair (with Terry Taylor): M&SOM track at 2006 INFORMS conference (Pittsburgh).

Chair: 2005 M&SOM Student Paper Competition.

Judge: 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010 M&SOM Student Paper Competition.

    School Service:

2019 Wharton Fellow

2017-2019 Penn Fellow 

Wharton OID PhD program coordinator 2017-

INSEAD TOM Area recruiting committee, 2013-2015.

INSEAD TOM PhD program coordinator and PhD committee member 2010-2017,

INSEAD-Wharton Alliance Research Director 2010-current.

Wharton Dean's Advisory Committee 2007-2008.

Wharton OPIM Recruiting Committee 2007-2008.

Wharton OPIM PhD program coordinator: 2007-2008.

Wharton OPIM632 course coordinator 2006-2007-2008.

Wharton OPIM PhD admissions committee 2005-2006-2007.

Wharton OPIM Recruiting Committee 2004-2005,

Wharton OPIM Seminar Committee (chair) 2003-2004,


Invited seminars.

Dartmouth college 11/00, Emory University 11/00, INSEAD 12/00, Georgia Tech 12/00, Cornell University 12/00, Northwestern University 01/01, University of Chicago 01/01, New - York University 01/01, Columbia University 01/01, Duke University 02/01, Carnegie Mellon University 02/01, Washington University in St. Louis 02/01, University of Pennsylvania 03/01, New-York University 02/04, Stanford University 02/04, MIT 03/04, University of North Carolina 09/04, University of Southern California 11/04, University of California at Irvine 11/04, University of Michigan 02/05, Purdue University 02/05, Cornell University 10/05, UT Dallas 11/05, University of Washington 12/05, Stanford University 01/06, Berkeley University 02/06, Columbia University 09/06, University of Minnesota 11/06, UCLA 11/06, UBC 10/07, HBS 11/07, NYU 11/07, INSEAD 11/07, Zaragoza 10/08, ESMT 01/09, Eindhoven 02/09, LBS 04/09, Cambridge 04/09, Leuven 11/09, Darden 4/10, St. Louis 10/10, Duke 11/10, Texas-Austin 11/10, Louvain-la-Neuve 12/10, Carnegie Mellon University 3/11, Emory 11/11, Cambridge 2/12, NUS 7/12, NTU 8/12, Singapore Management University 8/12, UNC 10/12, UCSD 11/12, Stanford GSB 11/12, UC Riverside 11/12, RSM 2/13, Harvard Business School 4/13, Dartmouth College Tuck School 4/13, New Economic School 9/13, SUTD 04/14, Georgia Tech 04/14, Kellogg 04/14, Cornell 04/14, LBS 11/14, UCL 11/14, UC Berkeley 11/15, Wharton 04/16, NYU 04/16, UMichigan 04/16, NUS 10/16, Wharton 11/16, Berkeley 01/17, HKUST 04/17, Georgetown University 11/17, Johns Hopkins University 11/17, University of Washington 12/17, University of Southern California 02/18, Washington University in St. Louis 3/18, University of South Carolina, 3/18, Indiana University 04/18, UCSD 10/18, HBS 3/19, UCLA 5/19, UC Santa Clara 9/19, Columbia University 11/19, ISB 10/20, University of Maryland 11/20, Boston University 12/20, Nanyang University 12/20.

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Strategic Investment in Renewable Energy Sources

INFORMS conference, Phoenix 2012

A Hard Take on a Soft Asset? A Test of an Operational Approach to Human Resource Management

INFORMS conference, Phoenix 2012

Business Model Innovation

World Knowledge Forum 2012, South Korea.

Business Model Innovation

PITM mini conference 2011.

Collaboration in supply chains

BETA University of Twente OR conference 2011.

The result of airline alliances and multi-market competition

M&SOM conference 2012, Columbia University.

Business Model Innovation

LBS Innovation Conference, 2011.

New Business Models Through Servicization

Wharton Service Supply Chain Conference, 2011.

New Business Models through Servicization

Deloitte Consulting After-Market Leadership Forum, 2010.

New Business Models through Servicization

LBS Innovation Conference, 2010.

Impact of Performance-Based Contracting on Product Reliability: An Empirical Analysis

Wharton Empirical Conference, 2009.

Retail store execution project

ECR Europe forum, 2009, Barcelona.

Retail store execution project

Consortium for Operational Excellence in Retailing (COER) Conference, May 2007

A study of retail store execution

POMS conference, Dallas, TX, May 2007

Tutorial: game theory in supply chain analysis

INFORMS conference, Pittsburgh, PA, November 2006.

Should inventory policy be lean or responsive: evidence for US public companies

M&SOM conference, Atlanta, GA, June 2006.

Customer satisfaction, Sales, and Retail Store Execution

Consortium for Operational Excellence in Retailing (COER) Conference, June 2006.

Academic Research on Performance Based Incentive Contracting for Service Support

Wharton Service Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum, February 2006

Product Line Design and Production Technology

INFORMS conference, San Francisco, CA, November 2005.

From theory to empirical evidence and back: integrating data-driven research into your portfolio

Purdue CIBER Consortium meeting on International Operations Management, September 2005.

Drivers of the manufacturing flexibility adoption: empirical analysis of the automotive industry

International Motor Vehicles Program meeting, The Wharton School, June 2005.

Capacity investment and the interplay between volume-flexibility and product-flexibility

POMS conference, Chicago, IL 2005

Dynamic Revenue Management through Cross-selling in E-commerce Retailing

INFORMS conference, Denver, CO, 2004.

The Impact of Production Technology on Price Discrimination Under Information Asymmetry

INFORMS conference, Denver, CO, 2004.

An incentive effect of multiple sourcing (session chair)

INFORMS conference, Denver, CO, 2004.

Dynamic Revenue Management through Cross-selling in E-commerce Retailing

M&SOM conference, Eindhoven, 2004, July 1-2, 2004.

The impact of supply-side externalities among downstream firms on supply chain efficiency

INFORMS conference, Atlanta, GA, 2003.

Procurement in Supply Chains when the end-product exhibits the “Weakest Link” property (session chair)

INFORMS conference, Atlanta, GA, 2003.

Externalities through stocking decisions and supply chain efficiency

M&SOM conference, Los Angeles, CA. 15-17 June, 2003.

Competition on inventory availability and supply chain efficiency: complements, substitutes, and product life-cycle

INFORMS conference, San Jose, CA. November 17-20, 2002.

Dynamic pricing of inventory/capacity when price changes are costly

INFORMS conference, San Jose, CA. November 17-20, 2002.

Choice of inventory structure by Internet retailers: theoretical and empirical examination of the role of inventory ownership

First Kellogg Operations Management Workshop, Northwestern University, August 17-18.

Intertemporal pricing in retail and services

MSOM conference, Ithaca, NY. 15-17 June, 2002.

Supply Chain choice for Internet retailers

ICG/Wharton Forum on Electronic Business, Philadelphia, PA, Dec 6, 2001.

Timing of Revenue Management decisions.

INFORMS conference, Miami, FL. November 3-8, 2001.

Dynamic inventory competition and customer retention

INFORMS conference, Miami, FL. November 3-8, 2001.

Economics of Revenue Management.

1st Revenue Management Conference, Columbia University, 2001.

Supply Chain structures on the Internet: marketing-operations coordination.

INFORMS conference, San Antonio, TX. 5-8 November, 2000. Supply Chain session (sponsored). Session SD03. 

Demand substitution in retail: centralization and competition.

MSOM conference, Ann Arbor, MI. 25-26 May, 2000.

The component commonality problems with non-identical lead times.

INFORMS conference, Salt Lake City,  UT. 7-10 May, 2000. Managing Product Variety Cluster (invited). Session TC29.

Revenue management game.

INFORMS conference, Salt Lake City,  UT. 7-10 May, 2000. Pricing and Revenue Management Cluster (invited). Session MB27.

Capacity investment decisions for service-flexible resources under uncertainty.

INFORMS conference, Philadelphia, PA. 7-10 November, 1999. Revenue Management Section (sponsored). Session MD16.