PSP Information

What is PSP?

The continuing education of educational office professionals is essential to cope with our rapidly changing profession. The National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP), offers a Professional Standards Program (PSP) for members to enhance their professional competencies through academic programs, conferences, and institutes.

There are nine levels of certification available to NEOPA members, depending upon completion of academic courses. Membership and service to local, state and national associations are also part of the criteria in the application for the PSP program. We are proud to recognize our members as they continue in their personal and professional growth.

The PSP certificates applications are due on January 15, May 15, and September 15 of each calendar year. Please go to the NAEOP website for further details: NAEOP Professional Standards Program details

In order to obtain your PSP certification, in addition to in-service credits, you also need education credits! You can get those at the North Central Area Conference, the NAEOP Annual Conference, and online! Check this link to the NAEOP “” online tool or

Have Questions?

NEOPA has a PSP Director serving each year on its Board of Directors. Please contact our President, Mary Klucas, if your local association would like to sponsor a program about the PSP program, or for individual assistance with the completion of these forms.