2015 - VIDEOGAME: 1910. A implantação da República - Game designer

Game based on History topics, aimed at students of the 6th year. An adventure game in which the player is invited to assist a journalist as several episodes that led to the establishment of the Republic in Portugal unfold. More info.

2014 - PATENT : BridgingBook - Inventor

A children's mixed-media picture-book that blurs the line between printed and electronic books. It consists of a printed book and a digital device, placed side-by-side, with synchronized content. Thumbing through the book's pages triggers the device to display the complementary digital content. The physical book requires no batteries or wires. Nº WO2014170840

2003-.... - PUBLISHING : Virtual Illusion - Editor

Virtual Illusion is a periodic publication (ISSN 2182-0899) about Science, Technology and Arts with emphasis on the topics of Videogames, Film and VFX. The blogging is done in Portuguese, but you can use Google Translator to have an overview of it.

2008-.... - VIDEO Log : video and film projects excerpts at YouTube

YouTube Playlist with most of the video works created by Nelson Zagalo.

2007 - SOFTWARE : Emotion Wizard - Conception, programming and design

Software for rapid emotional transformation of virtual environments and character expressions. Presented as part of the PhD project "Convergence Between Cinema and Virtual Reality" at the University of Aveiro, on the 16th July, 2007. Video of the prototype (new link)

2002 - WEB : Palácio da Bolsa - Flash integration and AS2.0 programming

Web site, created by Dreamlab and produced by Palácio da Bolsa. Online.

2002 - FILM : ALL-ON-FOUR - Clinica Malo - 3d modeler and animator

Scientific Film, created by Dreamlab and produced by Clinica Malo for the presentation of "Malo P, Rangert B, Nobre M., "All-on-Four immediate-function concept with Branemark System implants for completely edentulous mandibles: a retrospective clinical study, Clin Implant Dent Relat Res., 2002"

2001 - FILM : TRINCAS - rosa choke - Director and 3d environment modeler

Presented at 25th International Animated Film Festival - Cinanima, Portugal. Produced by University of Aveiro and Autor - New Media Company. Watch the film (new link).

2001 - 3d Clips : Nikel - 3d modeler and animator

Character animation created for the CD-Rom "Euromint - European Itinerary of Medieval and Early Modern Mints". Produced by Autor - New Media Company for Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda and funded by European Commission . Watch the film.

2000 - WEB : Cinema Português - Founding editor and web designer

First worldwide website on Portuguese Cinema with a database of hundreds of films and authors and the first ever visual chronological table of portuguese film. Albeit outdated, you still can visit it here.

1999 - VIDEOGAME : TUBYC - the rainbow treasure - Art director and game designer

Presented publicly on the Communication and Arts Alumni Projects Show in the 1999's Open Day at the University of Aveiro. More information (new link).

1998 - CD-ROM : Dream the Real, with Emotions - Authoring and content developer

Presented at Communication and Arts Alumni Projects Show, in the Open Day event of University of Aveiro in 1998. Emotions projection, interactive interface created to stimulate basic emotions in the user.

1998-2001 - PUBLISHING : arte21 - Founding editor and web designer

Edited by Dept. of Communication and Arts, University of Aveiro, Portugal. Student academic journal, on-line, about arts and communication. Albeit terminated, one version from 1999 stills online here.

1996-1997 - PUBLISHING : Apokalypse - Founding editor and graphic designer

Edited by Centro de Estudos Cinematográficos da Associação Académica de Coimbra, Portugal. Student academic journal, printed, about cinema.

1996 - FILM :FUGIR - perdidos num mundo de escravos - Director, editor and writer

Presented at 25th International Film Festival of Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Produced by Centro de Estudos Cinematográficos of Associação Académica de Coimbra. Watch an excerpt here (new link).