TUBYC - the rainbow treasure (1999)

Nelson Zagalo and Luís Mouta

This game have been publicly presented at the Communication and Arts Alumni Projects Show, in the 1999's Open Day at the University of Aveiro.

The game mechanics reflects our obsession at that time with 3d adventure games like Myst (1993).

The game was developed using a pseudo 3d perspective, or the so called 2.5d (two-and-a-half-dimensional). This means that everything we see in the game is designed in 3d but presented within layers of sprites.

In this video of the gameplay of the first level we can see a complete 3d environment where we can navigate in depth through a point-and-click interface. To achieve this, most of the images we see are composites of 4 sprites, graphical projections within graphics, which creates the fake effect of being three-dimensional (3D).

Game menu

Gameplay map

Gameplay icons and keys.

Labyrinth builder. A side application delivered with game that allowed players to build different labyrinths in the game.

Tubyc the principal character of the game.

Video of the gameplay of the last level.

Watch more videos from the game at YouTube.

More information on making-of here (in Portuguese).