Who Am I?

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My Family

I am married to my wonderful wife, Alex, for 40+ years and we have a beautiful, bright and lovely daughter - Camilla. Alex, who finished her university education at University of Hong Kong, retired from Bank of Montreal as a systems specialist of the Core Banking Deposit System after working there for over 27 years. She was an English high school teacher and also worked as editor of a local newspaper in Hong Kong. Camilla is a Medical Specialist Doctor (Geriatrician) who first graduated from the Medical School of The University of Toronto. She had received numerous awards and scholarships during her school and university years as well as working in the hospitals, including overall highest scores in her U of T Science Program, scholarship from the U of T Medicine Faculty, doctor of the year at Sunnybrook Hospital. Camilla is working at Toronto downtown St. Michael's Hospital as:

- Geriatrician, St. Michael's Hospital

- Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto (One of many teaching awards - award)

- Associate Scientist, Keenan Research Centre in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael's Hospital

Camilla was married to Ivan Yuen who is a co-founder and CIO of Wattpad www.wattpad.com, and employs 100 IT professionals. On January 3rd, 2009, Camilla gave birth to our first grand daughter Abigail at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. We are all extremely happy with the arrival of this beautiful family member. Truly a blessing from God. On February 15th, 2012, Camilla gave birth to our second grand child Watson (named after Wattpad as son of Wattpad) at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. We are all extremely happy with the arrival of this handsome family member, a very adorable child. Truly another blessing from God.

My Information Technology Background

I graduated with a University degree, majoring in Business Administration in Toronto, and I had worked in Information Technology for over 30 years. I worked at The Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group for over 18 years in the capacity of a Systems Manager, overseeing all credit/lending systems development projects through several very capable Information Technology project managers. I was also responsible for Corporate systems and I managed projects on a variety of platforms: IBM Mainframe, browser-based, client-server as well as Notes-based systems. I was a systems developer and have used languages like Cobol, Powerbuilder, RPG, Lotus Notes and Web-based tools. I still remember the first computer language that I learned and used - Assembler. That tells you how old (or young) I am. As a TD Bank retiree and pensioner, I took pride in attending the TD Bank's semi-annual retiree function at Royal York Hotel. Since my retirement, I developed, on a volunteer basis, several websites: Nelson Wong Website, YCCCA Website, CALCY Website, earlier version of St. Joseph The Worker Parish Website (latest professional version click here), websites for friends, including former Liberal MPP Mario Racco, etc.

My Line Dance Background

I enjoy line dancing and couple (Latin) dancing. I share my line dance knowledge with a large group of YCCCA members every Wednesday at Doncrest Public School, as well as Friday at Walter Scott Public School in Toronto. My teaching is largely facilitated with the help of a large number of highly skilled dance leaders. I am truly grateful that I have such a strong team of dance leaders who offer dance leadership in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level classes.

I started teaching line dance in December 1997 at Doncrest Public School. Our Doncrest line dance classes were broadcasted on CBC television (Video on Youtube) in February 2004. I also teach line dance and organize linedance functions at Corporate Fitness Centres, schools, non-profit organization and church. I choreographed a line dance to pay tribute to this venue where I started my line dance teaching, and it is called "Don Crest Disco Mix". I choreographed my second dance "Sway" in Christmas 2004 when I was inspired by the music Sway near the end of the movie "Shall We Dance?". I choreographed two dances in 2007 - Click here to watch a demo of the dance in Youtube "The Glory of Love" and "My Latino Friend" click here to watch/listen the Musical Video of the song used in this dance. In 2009, I was inspired after listening to "God Bless Canada" on Canada Day, and I choreographed a dance to pay tribute to this wonderful country Canada where I have been living most of my life. The name of this line dance is called "I Love This Land". I also choreographed Hush Rumba, How Deep Is My Love and Celebration. I organize several linedance parties every year, and I form dance teams to perform and pledge for donation at charity fund raising events: China Sichuan Earthquake Relief, Haiti Earthquake Relief, Yee Hong, St. John's Ambulance, Canadian Red Cross, Mon Sheong, Tsunami Relief, MPP Mario Racco at Asian Heritage Festival, North York General Hospital, Humber River Hospital, CALCY.

Because of my corporate background, I was invited to run many successful line dance sessions at corporate events: BMO Chinese New Year with over 700 guests, large church gatherings, business events, non-profit organizations as well as private parties of weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, etc.....

I also established a line dance instructor group (GLIDE) in the late 90's to promote the teaching and sharing of line dance in the Greater Toronto Area. I was very pleased to have Lewis Lee as the key contributor in the GLIDE group. I give small group and private linedance lessons at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Contact me at 905-660-0566 or (M)416-728-6027 for more information.

My Community Involvement

Below is a brief summary on some of my volunteer work in serving York Region Chinese communities and City of Vaughan mainstream community in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada. My involvement covers a broad range of interests in community, medical, arts and culture, sports and religion.

I love travelling and I enjoy sports that allow me to organize functions and activities. I started a tennis group 30 years ago, and it has grown to have 15 players. I play tennis every Saturday morning with this group of 15 young-at-heart guys at L'amoreau, Tennis Canada all year round. In December 2001, we played a Doubles Challenge against the York University Women Tennis team, which was the 2001-2002 Ontario Inter-University Tennis Champion, to raise fund for York University. I am also a member of Tennis Canada and play at The Aviva Centre, York University. I served in multiple years as volunteer at the Rogers AT&T Cup (Canadian Open). I organized several Mahjong tournaments, tennis tournaments, local tours, cruise trips (120+ cruise members to Mexican Riviera and 36 friends to Northern Europe), hiking trips and foliage walks + Salmon Run.

Alex and I served as marriage preparation instructors (Minister of Sacramental Matrimony) at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church (Toronto China Town) for 7 years through the 80's and the 90's. Sister Ouang was our spiritual leader and she was very instrumental setting up the marriage preparation program.

I am the President of YCCCA - York Central Chinese Canadian Association. I have been re-appointed to the presidency for the last 15 years. In addition, I developed and maintain its website, function as its linedance instructor of the YCCCA linedance group. YCCCA offers many recreational and cultural programs and classes: Linedance, Ballroom, Tai Chi, Basketball, Badminton, Yoga, Speechcraft (Toastmaster), etc.

I served as the Chairman of the Community Advisory Council of the Vaughan Community Health Centre (VCHC) between 2008-2011. Prior to the appointment as Chairman, I served as an Advisory Board member in summer 2007. Its purpose is to build positive relationship with members of the community in order to assist the VCHC in responding to community needs. The Council consists of a group of professionals: politician, medical specialist doctor and leaders in the Vaughan community and medical fields. VCHC opened its door in February 2009. I am currently an active member in the Council.

I was a Co-Chair of the 18th CALCY as well as a Co-chair of the 11th, 12th, 13th 14th 15th 16th and 17th Chinese Arts and Literary Contest For Youth CALCY. It's an annual event to help to promote Chinese arts and culture for the youth. It involves close to 300 volunteers, and the contest attracts 7,000 contestants in 2017. I hosted line dance parties at CM Cha Cha Cha Dance Studio in 2010-2012 in support of CALCY http://www.calcy.ca. The yearly campaign raised over $2,000 each year.

I was a committee member of Vaughan Peace Tree project. The project team organizes an annual event to promote peace. I was also a member of the City of Vaughan (The City Above Toronto) Community Equity and Diversity Committee.

I enjoy organizing trips. In addition to organizing numerous hiking trips, I have organized annual Foliage trips + Salmon Run for YCCCA members and friends in the past 7 years and were all very well attended with over 100 participants. I successfully coordinated a Diamond Princess Cruise on February 26th, 2005 to Mexican Riviera with over 100 YCCCA members and friends. We had enjoyed private dancing functions, swimming and tennis on board. In May 2009, I organized a group of 36 members and friends on a cruise trip to Northern Europe on board Celebrity Constellation.

Awards from ALL Three Levels of Government in Canada

At the City/Municipal level, I was awarded three times as Outstanding Volunteer in the City of Vaughan by two different mayors in 1998 and again in 2004 and 2005. It was reported in Toronto World Journal newspaper on April 27th, 2005.

At the Federal Government level, I was also recognized by the House of Commons MP Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua as Outstanding Volunteer.

Please click here for more details in World Journal newspaper regarding my 2005 award.

At the Provincial Government level, I received the Volunteer 5 Years Services Award and 10 years Service Award from the Province of Ontario. Pic 1, Pic 2.

in 2006. Picture at the Award Ceremony with Lewis Lee and Helen Luk. And in 2011, I received the Volunteer 10 Years Services Award from the Province of Ontario.

The Outstanding Achievement Award - Civic Hero

On May 7th, 2007, City of Vaughan Council presented me with the Civic Hero Award for Ward 4. This Award was to recognize for my active volunteerism in the Thornhill community. I am the first Chinese to receive such an Award.

Picture with Vaughan Mayor

News Releases 1 and 2 by The City of Vaughan

News reported in Ming Pao

News reported in Total Daily News

News reported in English Magazine - Thornhill Post Magazine July 2007 (Page 11), Original.

TV Coverage by Omni TV

In addition to receiving awards from the different levels of Canadian Government, I also received awards from Yee Hong Wellness Foundation, Canadian Red Cross, Hearts and Stroke Foundation.

On January 15th , 2011, and February 17th, 2012, I twice received 華媒獎Toronto Chinese Media Award: Year 2011, Year 2012. Here's the photo album, showing pictures at the award ceremony:

My Other Interests

I enjoy working as an MC in events and functions. I have successfully MC'ed (emcee) and Co-MC'ed at many weddings, anniversaries and business functions. Please contact me if you are looking for someone who has passion in playing that role. I do it on a volunteer basis. The key roles of an MC (emcee) are so often misunderstood. MC is the designated person to make sure all events are conducted in an orderly fashion according to schedule. As well, the MC is to make the hosts shine, and not himself/herself.

I enjoy hiking and I was a member of Hiking Ontario. My hiking experience is mostly around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and is usually within 30 minutes driving distance from home. I am very blessed to have a group of friends who share this interest with me. Some of the places that are worth mentioned include Crawford Lake, Seneca King City trail, Oakville Heritage trail, Bond Lake, Jack Darling and Rattray Marsh, and some Toronto gardens with its neighbouring trails. Many excellent trails are well documented in "The Hike Ontario Guide to Walks Around Toronto" by Brad Cundiff.

When I was young (many decades ago), I ventured into events like participating in the Hong Kong/Kowloon annual cross harbour swimming race, the annual cross-island life guard race. I represented Hong Kong King's College in their inter-school swimming team and carried out voluntary life guard duties.

Sports and hobbies that I enjoy include tennis, line dance, golf, (Picture of me after winning a Golf Tournament), downhill and cross-country skiing, ballroom (Latin) dancing, squash, table tennis and swimming. If you want to have a peek at me in swimming trunk (Caution: Please do not view it if you are a female under 18) please click Pic 1, Pic 2. (Pictures of winning swim races while in Hong Kong.)

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