AGM Party - April 28th, 2019

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Party Photo Album

Show Dances (Videos): #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7

Dinner and Dance Party - Dec 1st, 2018

Venue: CM Cha Cha Cha - 90B Centurian Drive, Units 8 & 9, Markham. (West of Woodbine, North of Highway 7) Fee: $35 Dance list - Posted on Oct 28th, 2018.

Photo albums of my 70th Birthday Party can be accessed from the above 6 buttons:

  • BD Prep Album - Collection of pictures of party planning and preparation for the event.
  • Portraits - Portraits of party guests. They were taken at Doncrest Public School, Richmond Hill.
  • Guest Book - 70th Birthday Guest Book. It composes of camera images of the very elegant, and "absolutely priceless to me" Guest Book.
  • BD Album 1 - Birthday Party actions are still vividly alive when you browse through this album. Photographer: Steve Suen.
  • BD Album 2 - More vividly alive Party actions. Photographer: George Tsui and in collaboration with pictures submitted by other party guests.
  • Party Movie - Birthday Party video: a masterpiece that's made from party photos, video clips and with background music. Movie producer: George Tsui

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Irene Cheung (out of country)

Suzanne Wong (in attendance)

Cold night sprayed its white coat on the roof topHoly Land trip followed by busy winter preparationDance group celebrated 70th birthday in grand and styleLinedance and games filled party with joy to 80 guestsParty photos filled up five albumsViewing albums makes the party come vividly aliveDigital video album displays the party in actionsThe event touches deep into my heartMounted purple butterfly ornaments on my Christmas treeWish friends and relatives a Merry Christmas

YCCCA Hiking - Oct 20, 2018

More photos will be added to the above album

Autumn Hiking 秋季遠足旅行

Hiking date日期:Saturday, October 20, 2018

Meeting time 集合時間 : 09:30 am

Start time 起行時間:10:00 am, Finished time 完程時間:2 - 3 hours

Meeting Place 集合地點: 55 Twyn Rivers Dr, Scarborough, ON, Canada

Event Photographer: Steve Suen

Hiking leaders: Peter Pang, Susan Ng, Winnie Suen, Catherine Leung, Christine Wan

Please arrange carpooling yourself if possible.

- Recommend to bring hiking poles and hiking shoes. Also bring water, snacks, hat and sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellents.

Happy Hiking 🌅😊😎

Registration: Peter Pang, Winnie Suen, Catherine Leung