Nelson Wong (YCCCA Line dance programs) at Doncrest Public School and Walter Scott Public School

Welcome to 黃柏明 Nelson Wong's Website. You will find information about Line dance, which I share my teachings with members who are mainly from the GTA Toronto (Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Vaughan), Ontario. There are also members who travel great distance from Whitby, King City, Aurora, Kleinburg, Caledon, and downtown Toronto. You will find my teaching schedule at Doncrest Public School and Walter Scott Public School on this Home Page. My other involvements with the communities, arts & culture, health care can be found by visiting my other webpages and websites: 約克區華人聯會 and 青少年中華學藝比賽

多城寒晨瓦上霜聖地返加備冬忙舞眾安排七十宴排舞盡興八十賓電子相簿五專輯栩栩彷如宴會中數碼電影觀全豹無限感激涕沾衣 紫蝶懸掛聖誕樹願祝親朋聖誕安

Photo albums of my 70th Birthday Party can be accessed from the following five buttons:

  • BD Prep Album - Collection of pictures of party planning and preparation for the event.
  • Portraits - Portraits of party guests. They were taken at Doncrest Public School, Richmond Hill.
  • Guest Book - 70th Birthday Guest Book. It composes of camera images of the very elegant, and "absolutely priceless to me" Guest Book.
  • BD Album 1 - Birthday Party actions are still vividly alive when you browse through this album. Photographer: Steve Suen.
  • BD Album 2 - More vividly alive Party actions. Photographer: George Tsui and in collaboration with pictures submitted by other party guests.
  • Party Movie - Birthday Party video: a masterpiece that's made from party photos, video clips and with background music.Movie producer: George Tsui

Gifts Sponsors

Irene Cheung (out of country)

Suzanne Wong (in attendance)

The 50 Influentials 2018

From media barons to tech titans, culture czars to rap stars: 50 power wielders who are changing the world as we know it. By Toronto Life | November 15, 2018. Doug Ford is #1, John Tory #3, Ivan Yuen, my son-in-law #47.

Wednesday evenings at Doncrest Public School (Map)

Instructor: Nelson Wong and YCCCA line dance leaders

124, Blackmore Ave, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. (North/East Bayview and Highway 7)

York Central Chinese Canadian Association (YCCCA) (約克區華人聯會)

Dec 19, 2018.

Beginner (6:30 p.m.): Review and Continue 40 Steps (Error in this step sheet. Please refer to the one I sent to you), Chocolate (Choco Choco)

Intermediate (7:45 p.m.): Review Oh Me Oh My Oh New: Lots of Love

Advanced (9:00 p.m.): Review: Jessie, Bardot Blues New: I Love You No Matter What....

Taught dances since September 2018:


Friday evenings at Walter Scott Public School (Map)

Instructor: Nelson Wong and YCCCA line dance leaders

500 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. (West of Bayview, enter from Sussex Avenue)

Congrats to Dr. Camilla Wong - Physician Innovator in Education Award + St. Michael's Hospital 2016, 2017 Postgraduate Teacher of the Year Award

Class Photo Album - 2018 Volunteer Recognition

(Pictures were captured by YCCCA photographer Steve Suen)

Christmas (2017) Line dance Party at CM Cha Cha Cha (Map)

December 2nd, 2017 (Saturday) 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Details and Poster


Lucky draw prizes – Irene Cheung/Richard Lee, Suzanne Wong, Richard Chang

Additional food sponsor (European pastries) – Fiona Ho

Pastries (home-made) sponsor – Catherine Leung

Chocolate sponsor – Helena Moy

Thank-you Note from Nelson

YCCCA Salmon Run and Hiking - Oct 14th, 2017

Event Report Summary

Event photo Album

(Pictures were captured by event photographer Steve Suen)

Auction Photos

End of Term Line dance Party at CM Cha Cha Cha - June 3rd, 2017


European pastries - Fiona Ho

Fruits - Christine Wan

Lucky draw gifts (Suzanne Wong, Irene Cheung, Alex Wong)

Auction Photos

Click the albums below for Line dance group pictures, Mah Jong Tournament, 2017 AGM Party pictures

Auction Photos
Auction Photos
Auction Photos

Fund Raising for St. Michael's Hospital - Goal $2,500. Total funds raised $4,000. Thank you all!!!!!

Click the two albums below for party pictures and transfer of Funds at SMHF

Auction Photos
Auction Photos