The Story of Herreshoff S Class Sailboats and Their Remarkable First Owners


“Spectactular”  “Fantastic read”

“Compellingly written” “Enjoy the ride”

“A must-have book for every wooden boat lover”


This is a large format, “coffee table” book with eye-catching photos of Herreshoff S boats splashing through exciting races, maneuvering in close quarters, and in placid poses on their moorings. 

Photos by renowned nautical photographer, Cory Silken, capture these exhilarating yachts through on-board and aerial shots.

Long Island Sound Fleet ~~~ Quissett Fleet ~~~ Narragansett Bay Fleet ~~~ and other S boats

2018 Publication by Seapoint Books

With text by Alan Silken, Vice Commodore of the Narragansett Bay Herrehsoff S Class, this book takes the reader on a compelling journey through the history of the S boat, a journey that visits milestones in American society, politics, business, and social life. The S boat has been one of the most enduring and remarkable designs by America’s greatest yacht designer, Nathanael G. Herreshoff. Chapters are devoted to the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, a biography of NG Herreshoff, the history of the S boat fleets and the yacht clubs that hosted them, as well as chapters on over 40 S boats and their early owners, all of whom were remarkable for their contributions to life in America.

The only comprehensive book devoted to these extraordinary yachts, this book is being published by Seapoint Books.

Pre-publication funding is also welcome and greatly appreciated to make this project happen. 

Further information to follow. Please contact Alan Silken at absilken@gmail.com or 617-680-2470. Thanks!