Welcome to the Natural Rights Coalition!

The Natural Rights Coalition is comprised of individuals who believe that the primary function, purpose, and service of a government of, by, and for a free People is to protect the unalienable Natural Rights of the Individual through the Rule of Law.

The purpose of the NRC is to facilitate a grassroots conduit through which We the People can unite who believe that to maximize peace, prosperity, and liberty, a society must establish a government whose Civil Law is rooted in, and will never violate, Natural Law.

Our short term goal is to unite together around the same natural rights principles upon which the American culture was originally founded — that which was once self-evident to many but has since been largely forgotten, ignored, or usurped.

Our long term goal is to grow large enough to positively affect the political landscape, educating others about the principles of Natural Rights as derived from Natural Law, and the necessity of constructing our Civil Law upon them.  Such growth can eventually provide opportunity for the creation of a new political "Independence Party" in order to displace one of the duopoly parties since both have failed to uphold these fundamental principles of freedom.

This is achievable and it's up to US — We the People who stand independent of the partisan duopoly which has hijacked America.  It really boils down to a simple game of numbers and we are already positioned for victory.  We independents are now in the majority, outnumbering both of the establishment parties.  We merely need to unite and take back control of our country.

Let us re-declare our independence and mark the beginning of a new political revolution made up of Americans who desire to restore justice and limited government through the Rule of Law which protects the Natural Rights of the Individual.

The rEVOLution continues!