All Lives Matter

Select groups of individuals have been recently advancing a dangerous agenda which professes that only certain lives matter. However, we understand that ALL lives matter and ALL lives of individuals are entitled to the protection of their Natural Rights.

Therefore, the NRC refutes any such agendas having a goal which selectively and arbitrarily assigns Natural Rights and Civil Rights, rather than acknowledging the fact that ALL human lives are to be treated equally under the law.

Regarding LIFE itself, consider the following...

All Lives Matter

One possible abortion solution

As with most political issues, the masses have been told that there are only two positions to be considered regarding the abortion debate. However, this is false.

Therefore, in pursuit to a more objective solution to the abortion debate, let us consider an alternative position to those being advanced by the partisan duopoly and its mainstream media — that all lives matter.

As libertarians we greatly value our individual natural rights, paramount being the right to life.

Serious health issues and rape victims aside, the "choice" to have or not have a baby really should be made prior to having sex. This is not only logical but responsible — with liberty comes responsibility.

So the real abortion problem revolves around the matter of unwanted pregnancies and/or using abortion as birth control because of the varied opinions of when exactly life begins. In order to logically and rationally address this problem, we must consider how to define LIFE as accurately and objectively as we can.

The already long established medical standard for pronouncing an individual “dead” is the time when brain activity ceases. Therefore, according to medical science, where there is brain activity, there is life.

The primary reason why many individuals elect to write a “living will” is to avoid such cases of unwanted extended life support where the brain continues to function but the individual remains unconscious for a potentially long period of time, causing additional and unnecessary suffering and expenses for their family.

This definition of life is not only already largely accepted medically and/or scientifically, but also socially and/or culturally, and is accurately be quantified by the equation:

Brain Activity = LIFE.

Therefore, it’s only logical and rational to address the matter of life’s origin in a consistent and like manner as we do so at its end. We must also consider that birth merely determines one’s “birthdate” not “life-date”.

Let us therefore acknowledge that which we have already largely medically, scientifically, socially, and culturally accepted as the definition of LIFE, and likewise conclude that one’s “life-date” occurs when brain activity begins.

Here are some points which support the consideration of adopting this “life-date” abortion solution:

• Brain activity begins by the end of the first trimester; brainwaves have been recorded as early as 6 weeks and 2 days. Therefore, any ”choice” to terminate the life of an unborn baby would have to legally take place prior to this point in time. Pregnant women in their first term would have ample time to make an informed and rational decision that will affect them, their unborn child, and that child’s father for the rest of their lives. This would virtually eliminate late term and/or partial birth abortions and begin saving lives now — because all lives matter.

• This is a logical and medically scientific position, and therefore should garner a much larger umbrella of political support than taking an extreme pro-life position (for example, mandating the prohibition of allowing for preventative measures post-sex and pre-conception). Those who hold the extreme positions should consider setting aside their personal more subjective viewpoints on the matter in light of this more objective solution and join the effort toward saving lives now — because all lives matter.

• Continuing taking an extreme pro-life position will never build a majority consensus among individuals, which will allow millions more lives of the unborn to be terminated while bureaucrats play political games that only serve to further divide Americans over this particularly controversial issue. Abandoning the extreme subjective pro-life position for this far more objective one one will allow us all to begin saving lives now — because all lives matter.

• Continuing taking the extreme “pro-choice” position is simply illogical and irrational especially in light of various revelations of science which no one can justly refute — that at some point during pregnancy LIFE begins. Still, some among the extreme lunatic fringe have not only argued for partial birth, but also even for the legality of post-birth abortions. All such extreme arguments are proven to be moot as babies are occasionally removed from their mother’s womb as early as 5 months and survive to live a healthy life. Abandoning the extreme “pro-choice” position for this far more accurate one will allow us all to begin saving lives now — because all lives matter.

• Abortion arguments involving “welfare of children” and the like are distinctly separate economic matters. Solving the nation’s economic woes can only occur as a result of ending the fraudulent Federal Reserve and fractional banking systems which allow a political ruling class to use “phony money” they control in order to create wealth for themselves, while the working class bears the burden of that resultant debt, perpetuating an ever increasing wealth gap in our country and in the world. So let's not confuse issues while saving lives now — because all lives matter.

Peace, Liberty & LIFE!