Elections & Voting

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Necessary steps for reforming election corruption and inefficiencies:

1. Change the voting system from Plurality Voting to Score Voting.

2. Adopt Splitline Districting in ALL 50 States.

3. Hold one simultaneous primary for ALL 50 States.

4. Require proof of identification when voting.

5. Use only paper ballots for the official tally.

6. Mandate complete multi-partisan ballot oversight during tally.

7. Publish tally progress only after polls have closed in continental USA.

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It’s quite a brilliant election scam the partisan establishment duopoly has going!

As typical of the corrupted election system, the mainstream media and the partisan duopoly pick for America the POTUS so called “front runners”, then the first few states decide for the rest of the country who will be among the finalists in the primaries before anyone else gets to vote.

We independents — the majority of US Americans now — hardly ever even get the opportunity to vote in the primary for our preferred candidate. Prohibitive ballot access legislation makes it most difficult for independent candidates to be viable, and the Plurality Voting System serves to mandate a partisan duopoly. If our preferred candidate happens to be in one of the duopoly parties, he is ostracized by the media as well as his own party and then winds up dropping out of the race before the majority of his supporters ever have the chance to vote for him.

The eventual primary winners will most certainly be collectivist establishment types, both at enmity with American values rooted in individualist principles, thus could not possibly ever truly represent US independents. Therefore, We the People find ourselves as mere slaves in this tyranny of illegal taxation without just representation.