Chapter 311 Closed in the 4th quarter 2015. 

All members, voting and non-voting, assigned to Chapter 311 were transferred to Waikiki, Chapter 1656 unless they elected to be assigned to a different chapter. 

2015 -- Meetings and Events


August 2015

To Honolulu Chapter 311 members,

This will be the last message from the Honolulu Chapter.  As we close our Chapter, here are final thoughts in the remaining days ahead.

There will be no meeting for the month of September 2015.  However, there are key deadlines for September 25, 2015.

     1.  If you desire to transfer to another NARFE Chapter, this is the final deadline to contact President James Tamura with your wish.  Please refer to the August issue of the Aloha Newsletter for further information. If you do not contact the Chapter, you will be automatically transferred to another Chapter based on your Zip Code location.

     2.  If you desire to attend our final Chapter luncheon on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, the same notification deadline is also September 25, 2015.  The Luncheon will be held starting 11:30 am for the Prince Court Lunch Buffet located in the Prince Hotel (100 Holomoana Street where the old Kaiser Hospital was located).  There is NO cost for Chapter 311 members, but guests will be required to pay for their buffet meals ($25 + tax + tip).

Upon your transfer to your next Chapter, you will be contacted by that Chapter to continue your NARFE affiliation.

On behalf of the current Officers, we wish you the best in your continuing interest in NARFE as a retired Federal Employee.

Mahalo and Aloha,

James Tamura, President, NARFE Chapter 311

Chapter 311 Closing Activities Notice

Chapter 311 Closing -- Events and Dates

Notice to Chapter 311 members via the HSFC "Aloha"  Newsletter
(Chapter 311 related sections below)

HSFC…….................... Aloha Newsletter…………...........August 2015  Page 1


Upon closure all members, voting and non-voting, currently

assigned to Chapter 311 will be transferred to Waikiki Chapter

1656 unless they opt to be assigned to a different chapter. All

Chapter 311 assigned members, voting and non-voting, please

read Chapter President James Tamura’s article on page 2.

HSFC…….................... Aloha Newsletter…………...........August 2015  Page 2

CHAPTER 0311 (Honolulu)
For all Honolulu Chapter 311 members, this message is to
officially and formally inform you that at our Special Meeting
on June 9, 2015, we have elected to close our Chapter.
As a result, all Chapter members (voting and non-voting) are
herein notified that September 25, 2015 will be the deadline
for your optional actions as follows:
1. Notify the current Chapter 311 President, James Tamura
(listed on page 4), by mail, email, or phone call of your choice
to transfer to another NARFE Chapter. The CHAPTERS
listing on page 4 list only HSFC Chapters with their meeting
information. You may opt to be transferred to any NARFE
Chapter of your choice including the eNARFE Chapter 2363.
The HSFC President, in accordance with NARFE National
Directives, will reassign the Chapter 311 members to the
chapter of their choice. Waikiki Chapter 1656 has agreed to
accept all members who do not make a different selection. All
those who wish to be transferred (see  311, page 3)

HSFC…….................... Aloha Newsletter…………...........August 2015  Page 3

311  to a chapter other than Chapter 1656 must make and
return their selection as described above by NLT the
September 25, 2015 deadline. Include your full name, NARFE
Member ID number, current address and your choice of
chapter. You may use the selection form on this page, below.
Again, the default for non-responders will be transfer to
Waikiki Chapter 1656. If you miss the deadline, know that a
member wishing to change chapters can do so at any time by
contacting NARFE National with the request. See “HERE’S
HOW TO CONTACT US…” on page 2 of the July NARFE
2. Indicate your wish to attend a final luncheon for our
Chapter. The date will be Tuesday, October 13, 2015 from
11:30 am for the Prince Court Lunch Buffet located in the
Hawaii Prince Hotel, 100 Hoomoana Street. The Chapter will
pay for members only and advanced reservations are required
by notifying the Chapter President (see listing below).
James Tamura, President

JAMES M. TAMURA (521-3487)

1251 Heulu St. Apt 506, Honolulu, HI 96822-3086

Tuesday, August 11, 9:30 - 11:30,  Ala Wai Recreation Center

Joint meeting with  Waikiki, Chapter 1656 for HSFC "Aloha" Newsletter folding. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - at Ala Wai Recreation Center. 

Announcement/discussion of Chapter closing events/timeframe, deadlines etc. 

Announcement to chapter members via the HSFC August Newsletter. 
1.  Options for current members to transfer to another HSFC chapter of their choice, default HSFC assignment or "e" Chapter 
2.  Final luncheon. Date 10/13, Time 11a, Location Prince Hotel
3.  RSPV Deadline 9/25 for chapter selection and Final Lunch.

August meeting, August 11, 9:30, Newsletter folding at Ala Wiai with the Waikiki Chapter.  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - at Ala Wai Recreation Center.  

Discussion on the closing of Chapter 311 due to declining membership, followed by the vote to close.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - at Ala Wai Recreation Center.  Note: No guest speaker due a late cancellation.

Note: The notice of this (Chapter 311) meeting was announced in the May 2015,HSFC Quarterly Aloha newsletter, Vol. 39 No. 2. which was mailed to all Hawaii Federation members in late May.

Tuesday, April 14 2015 

Pre-meeting at 9 am at Ala Wai Recreation Centerwith
      Catholic Charities to sign up for their FREE bus service. 

Monthly meeting 10 am.
Guest Speakers from State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) for topic –
       Protect Yourself and Your Money From Predatory Tactics.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 

    !st Quarter lunch meetingGyotaku Restaurant

Feb 10,  Tuesday 10 am, Ala Wai Community Center

NO SHOW  A return visit from Catholic Charities for the purpose of signing attendees up for future transportation services. 
    1. Business:
      • The upcoming April 2015 HSFC Convention 
The immediate future of Chapter 311 as it relates to potential reorganization

Meeting Jan 13, Tuesday 10 am  Ala Wai Community Center

Moment of Silence:  A moment of silence was observed in remembrance of our late member Jane Chow who passed away in late December.

Guest Speaker - Mr. Peter Reyes, Program Director from Catholic Charities presented an overall review of their services, especially those which pertain to Senior Services.




Past Meeting Tuesday Dec 9,  11A, Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant 

   *  Christmas Party
        - Buffer Lunch
        - Games
        - Door Prizes

Past Meeting Wednesday Nov 12,,  10 am, Ala Wai Community Center   

Voting for 2015 chapter officers.

Guest Speaker 
  • Peter Reyes from Catholic Charities 
  • Topic - Senior Services

Past Meeting Tuesday, October 14,  10 am, Ala Wai Community Center

Guest Speaker Bricyn Afong from Financial Benefits Insurance reviewed 2015 Medicare Advantage Plan options.

The November meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at the Ala Wai Recreation Center at 10 am.  The change to Wednesday is due to the Tuesday Veteran's Day holiday.

Past Meeting Tuesday, September 9 - Gyotaku Restaurant 

Quarterly luncheon was held at the Gyotaku Restaurant (South King St.)  

Past Meeting Tuesday, August 12,  10 am, Ala Wai Community Center

Regular monthly meeting

The guest speakers were Wendy Miki Glaus and Terri Owada from Sterling & Tucker who provided a PowerPoint presentation on Medicaid and the logical need to plan for the coming senior years when decisions on anticipated support and the means to carry out the long term plan are yours to make.

Business Meeting

1. The September meeting will be held on Tuesday,September 9, 2014 at Gyotaku Restaurant at 11 am. Member and guests will pay their meal and the Chapter will pay for tax and tip.

2. Long time Chapter member Blossom Churchill has moved to Georgia, but will continue to be a 311 member.

3. The latest HSFC newsletter is being distributed by email and HSFC website.  Click to view or print

Past Meeting Tuesday, July 8,  10 am 

       Field trip to Arcadia Retirement Residence

Past Meeting Tuesday, June 10,  11 am 

Quarterly Luncheon  -  Fook Yuen

Past Meeting Tuesday, May 13,  10 am  -  Ala Wai Community Center

Regular monthly meeting

         Guest speaker - Brycin Afong,
   Subject - Health Plan in Hi for 2014
Overview -- 
        New service/option -- ECare+voice   Click to view
        HMSA, HUMANA, features
        Obama care, as related to Hawai's uninsured

Next meeting - Quarterly lunch - Fook Yuen, 11A

Chapter 311's  proxy for the National convention elections will be assigned to HSFC 2ndVP Larry Enomoto, 

Past Meeting Tuesday, April 8, Ala Wai Community Center

        Regular monthly meeting

         Our guest speaker was John Priolo, current HSFC president.

Past Meeting Tuesday, Mar 11 - Gyotaku Restaurant 

Quarterly luncheon was held at the Gyotaku Restaurant (South King St.)  
  • participants, members and guests.

Past Meeting - Feb 11  -  Ala Wai Community Center

Folding the Hawaii Federation Aloha Newsletter jointly with the Waikiki Chapter. There were 20 participants, 8 from Chapter 311, 10 from Chapter 1656 and 2 from the Newsletter staff, Hank Magee and Coral Vellocido.

Past Meeting -  
Jan 14  -  Ala Wai Community Center

Moment of Silence:  Member David Nightingale informed the Chapter of the passing of member Ed Chun earlier in January.  As a noteworthy frequent attendee, a moment of silence was offered in fond memory.

Our scheduled guest speaker was Mr. Brycin Afong from Financial Benefits Insurance.  However, due to a last minute emergency, he became unavailable.  We will reschedule.

The February meeting will be held on February 11, 2014 at the Ala Wai Recreation Center Conference Room starting at the earlier time of 9:30 to noon.  The activity will be the Aloha Newsletter folding jointly with the Waikiki Chapter.

The March Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, March 11,  2014 at the Gyotaku Restaurant (South King St.)  Members will pay for their own meals and drinks. The Chapter will sponsor the tax and tip.



Past Meeting -  December 10,   Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant

   Annual Installation of Officers and Christmas Luncheon.   

Chapter Officers for 2014 -
    • James Tamura (President)
    • Ursula Iwaida (Vice President)
    • James Tamura (Secretary)
    • Dennis Ting (Treasurer).
After the buffet luncheon was enjoyed, the gathering participated in a "food quiz/contest" and Bingo. Prizes were donated by Marian Kawano and Iris Tamura.

President Jim Tamura also passed out the schedule of events for Jan, Feb and Mar 2014.

Jan 14, Ala Wai Community Center 10am
        Guest speaker - Bricyn Afong, topic Health Insurance Update

Feb 11,  Ala Wai Community Center 9:30 am
    Aloha Newsletter folding with Waikiki, Chapter 1656

Mar 11,  Quarterly Luncheon, details to be determined in Jan.

The NARFE Service Center formerly located in the Prince Kuhio Federal Building was permanently closed effective January 18, 2013. Additional information on the Service Center page.

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