Wadi Rum by horse or camel

Experience the beautiful scenery that Wadi Rum has to offer on the back of a horse or camel! This desert tour is a 6 nights and 7 days journey that will take you through the Wadi Rum desert with a real Bedouin guide to see all of the highlights.


Day 1: Take a horse or camel through Barrah Canyon and camp near the mountain.

Day 2: Ride through Siq Nugra and camp at Sabbat.

Day 3: Ride to the sunset place and camp in Umm Semman.

Day 4: From Umm Semman we will ride and camp in Umm Dami Mountain.

Day 5: From Umm Dami we will ride to Burdah Bridge camp near the bridge.

Day 6: From Burdah Bridge we will ride to Umm Ishrin Valley and camp.

Day 7: From Umm Ishrin we will ride to Dissieh Village to catch the bus.

Prices will vary by group size.

Unless otherwise requested, our prices include all meals, transport and accommodation(s). We will be more than happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Please contact me to get the exact prices.