About me:

Nawwaf Hwatats


Regardless of your religion, color or background, I invite you to learn about my Bedouin life and culture. You are most welcome to come and share the experience with me in this small life. I'm a Bedouin, easy-going, open-minded, and I love to meet nice, new people and to get to know other cultures from around the world. I'm a real authentic Bedouin, born in an old cave in the UNESCO site of Petra. Soft like the sand, hard like a rock and strong like the desert, moving in all over like the wind, living forever in freedom. I have a passion for my Bedouin traditions and customs, and all my life I have used traditional Bedouin skills to live and survive in the desert and the mountains.

I love to share stories of our traditions and customs with my guests, e.g. teach people how to make a pressure cooker fire in the desert, how to follow the stars, which wood to use for heat and which for cooking, our traditional music, food, hospitality and much more.

Bedouin lore and the Bedouin way of life is in my blood. Hospitality is everything to a Bedouin and is applicable all over the world. I am now living in the Bedouin village of Little Petra, near the UNESCO site of old Petra, but still I am used to staying in the desert and the mountains. I am a simple, flexible person, and I am quite good at reading between the lines sometimes. I really enjoy talking with my guests about Bedouin old traditions and life.

Bedouins are very kind people, and if you are not sure about that, come and see for yourself.