Wadi Araba long walking expedition

This tour is recommended for nature lovers who would like to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Jordan in non-touristic areas.

We will walk approximately 15-20 km each day on the sand dunes and by the springs of the desert, so you must be fit and in good shape.

At night, we will share Bedouin meals prepared in front of you following the ancient traditional way around the campfire.

The tour includes one day in Petra, giving you the oppotunity to visit the wonderful rose-red city that has captivated travelers from all around the world.


Day 1: Tour begins in Aqaba where we will drive 50km to Wadi Araba (Rahma) where the trekking tour will begin. We will camp in the dunes of Wadi Araba for the night.

Day 2: After breakfast we will prepare for the walk to Rahma Garandal. In the afternoon we will stop for rest, lunch and chai in the beautiful area of Wadi Araba. We will continue by foot to our campsite and enjoy the nature of the area. We will then eat, sleep and enjoy the night under the stars.

Day 3: After breakfast we will walk to Garandal Emsheza, stopping for rest, lunch and to enjoy the landscape. In the night time we will camp in the area of Emsheza.

Day 4: After breakfast we will walk from Emsheza and head towards Robert Castle. We will spend the afternoon exploring and hiking.

Day 5: From Robert Castle we will walk to the Snake Monument in Petra. We will relax in this area and set up camp.

Day 6: Full day in Petra (entrance fee included). This night, after a day of exploring the magnificent Petra, we will head to Little Petra to set up camp.

Day 7: After breakfast we will organize transport for departure to your desired destination.

Prices will vary by group size.

Unless otherwise requested, our prices include all meals, transport and accommodation(s). We will be more than happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Please contact me to get the exact prices.