Tourist Safety

and Tips in Jordan

Jordan is a very safe country to travel in and you will (most probably) never need to call for an emergency.

On the other hand, being prepared can be invaluable if something unexpected should happen.

Calls are taken by English-speaking operators.

Take a note of the following emergency phone numbers in Jordan or save them on your mobile phone , along with the contact numbers of your embassy or consulate in Amman.

Dial 199 to call paramedics if you need urgent medical care or to call firefighters in case of a fire.

Dial 191 if you are getting pick-pocketed, robbed or harrassed in any way.

Tourist Police

Call them if you have any complaints about the personnel of touristic sites and hotels.

They also have direct numbers - these are not free to call:

06 569 0384 (land line)

077 672 8446 (Orange mobile)

079 712 3080 (Zain mobile)

You can also send them an email:

Dial 190 in case of a road accident or any problems related to traffic.

Dial 194 in case of any problems that happen to you while on the highways.