Bedouin Kitchen

You are in Petra and you are hungry. Where to go?

There is only one place and it offers what can only be described as food with charisma and charm. Bedouin food from the heart. Bold claim? Well, step into Nawwaf's Kitchen.

It is open to all and is a stone's throw from where the tour bus stops at Little Petra.

Garlic, tahina, lemon, balls of kofte and a citric chicken daal - dishes that are other-worldly in their simplicity.

We Bedouins have long swapped horses and camels for pick-up trucks, and we no longer travel in caravans across the desert but live in small towns. So what remains of the past? What remains of true Bedouin culture, or indeed any culture, unchanged?

Poetry and food.

You can come and sit in Nawwaf's home and eat cross-legged on his cushions, in the authentic Bedouin style, and savour the delights he rustles up.

We cater for groups and can even bring the Kitchen to the desert or to the mountains for you to enjoy.

So make stopping off at Nawwaf's a must-do on your trip to Jordan. Foodies in the know say that Nawwaf's Kitchen is generous, inexpensive and so tasty that you will forget what you came here for in the first place.

In this corner of Petra, the seventh wonder of the world is trumped by the eighth!