i'm  a Jordanian bedouin from city of Petra the ancient in Jordan, Dear friends ladies and gentlemen appeal is not to a specific person in friends list , but to all friends ,i'm very honest persons my dignity borders sky. if you love help poor and local community people,we need material support from anyone wants to supporting contribute to development project of environmental ,eco bedouin heritage camp and helping children and the local bedouin in the our village, and improve good living to the all , please of you my friends without embarrassment from us to know if answer of you is yes or no to help, with deep thank ,therefore if you like to help us now,i'm happy to send you our account number now,if you need all information about project you will find in my profile all information ,in fact if you want to communicate with us directly,all happy to know your opinions any time.

gardless of your religion or color or background, I invite all of you, to know about bedouin culture. I welcome you experience our culture and way of life. i want to tell you ,what does my bedouin life mean to me? hospitality, safety respectful, honesty, and dignity ,and the term 'Bedu'in the Arabic language refers to one who lives out in the open, in the desert. the Arabic word 'badawiy in'is a generic name for a desert-dweller and the english word ‘bedouin’ is the derived from this.In ancient times, most people settled near rivers but the bedouin people preferred to live in the open desert. Bedouins mainly live in the arabian and deserts, the Arabian Peninsula,Jordan,, egypt and the Sahara dof north africa.there are bedouin communities in many countries, including egypt, syria, israel, jordan, saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq in the middle east and Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, tunisia and Libya in north Africa. Altogether, the Bedouin population numbers about 50 million.The bedouins are seen as Arab culture’s purest representatives and the Bedouins continue to be hailed by other Arabs as “ideal” Arabs, especially because of their rich oral poetic tradition, their herding lifestyle and their traditional, the Bedouins as 'Arab', but Bedouins are distinct from other Arab’s because of their extensive kinship networks, which provide them with community support and the basic necessities for survival. Such networks have traditionally served to ensure safety of families and to protect their property.The term 'A'raab' has been synonymous with the term 'nomad' since the beginning of Islam.The Bedouins are recognized by their (nomadic) lifestyles, special language, social structures and culture. Only few Bedouins live as their forefathers did in camel- and goat hair tents, raising livestock, hunting and raiding. Their numbers are decreasing and nowadays there are approx. only 5% of Bedouins still live as pastoral nomads in all of the Middle East. Some Bedouins of in meadleast are still half-nomads.Bedouins have different facial features by which they can be distinguished from other farmer and also they generally dress differently.The Bedouin men wear long 'djellaba ya' and a 'smagg' (red white draped head cover) or 'aymemma' (white head cover) or a white small headdress, sometimes held in place by an 'agall' (a black cord).The Bedouin women usually wear brightly colored long dresses but when they go outside they dress in an 'abaya' (a thin, long black coat sometimes covered with shiny embroidery) and they will always cover their head and hair when they leave their house with a 'tarha' (a black, thin shawl). Traditionally a woman's face was hidden behind a highly decorated 'burqa'ah' but this is now only seen with the older generations. The younger generations cover their face simply with their 'tarha' (shawl). The Bedouins have a rich culture and their own Arabic ‘Bedawi’ language, which has different dialects depending on the area where they live.In former days they emphasized on the strong belief in its tribal superiority, in return to the tribal security – the support to survive in a hostile environment.The Bedouin' is aristocratic and they tend to perceive the Arabian nation as the noblest of all nations, purity of blood, way of life and above all noble ancestry. They often trace their lineage back to the times of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and beyond.The first converts to Islam came from the Bedouin tribes and therefore (Sunni) Islam is embedded and deeply rooted in the Bedouin culture. Prayer is an integral part of Bedouin life. As there are no formal mosques in the desert, they pray were they are, facing the Ka’aba in Mecca and performing the ritual washing, preferably with water but if not available they ‘wash’ with sand instead.The Bedouin' is generally open-minded and interested in what is going on in his close and far surroundings since this kind of knowledge has always been a vital tool of survival.At the same time, the Bedouins are quite suspicious and alert keeping a low profile about their personal background.Modern Arab states have a strong tendency to regulate their Nomadic lifestyle and modern society has made the traditional Bedouin lifestyle less attractive, since it is demanding and often dangerous, so many Bedouins have settled in urban areas and continue to do so.The Bedouin people are faced with challenges in their lifestyle, as their traditional Islamic, tribal culture has begun to mix with western practices.Men are more likely to adjust and interact with the modern cultures, but women are bound by honor and tradition to stay within the family dwelling and therefore lack opportunity for advancement.Today unemployment amongst Bedouin people is very high. Only few obtain a high school degree and even fewer graduate However, for most people the word Bedouin still conjures up a much richer and more mysterious and romantic image because of this related and to keep to not lost Recent generations of Bedouins which have begun and start to lose their heritage. This threat to our culture,become is serious and harmful, not only to Bedouins but to the culture of Jordanians as a whole. It is my dream to steam this threat and to revive Bedouin culture using tools of our modern age. I want welcome the coming age and new ideas it brings and infuse it with our life style. and For this reason I have begun on a path to start an ambitious project, to create an eco friendly camp for Bedouins, to allow the culture to flourish to be shared with all peoples and to do so in a way that respects our homeland by encouraging environmental sustainability and community based learning.so my friend iam bedouin guy born in old cave of old petra jordan and live now in small village of little petra bedouin village , and because we are small community and because we are not so far from old city of petra we areas small community want to start to do this project of eco bedouin heritage camp first to help our children to rfrish the for the the real bedouin life and to let them to return back to our heritage bedouin life ,second this project help poor family in the village and help the women to do the old work of bedouin and the can sell this things to the guest of the camp,so this is the details of our camp,so iam happy to hear from you any idea if you have about eco bedouin heritage camp,This project has three important goals:Firstly, we want to regain our traditions.To do so, we will work with five families who will live within the camp (we will provide them with sufficient means to eliminate the stresses of modern life). They will represent the leaders, teachers and preservers of knowledge and culture. Some will cook the meals (from making bread, all the way to plating the dish), some will perform day-to-day tasks like taking care of the animals, and some will also be teaching skills like weaving a traditional Bedouin carpet. The families will truly live like their ancestors did.Secondly, we want to teach others about our traditions.Bedouin children are in danger of losing touch with their roots. That is why 10 children will be invited to participate in the camp during their school break. They too will have the opportunity to learn from their old tribe members, not only gaining personal experience and knowledge but allowing them to play an active role in restarting their own heritage.Thirdly, we want to spread this knowledge to the international community, to the world.Travelers who are interested, will also be given the opportunity to experience and actively contribute to this project. Travelers will become guests rather than a source of money. To be able to see first-hand what the ancient Bedouin culture has to offer will enrich their lives as well. It is my conviction that this sharing between cultural leader, local Bedouin children and willing travelers will create a community built off of emotional and personal interaction.What would your support mean to this project?I have already tried many conventional ways to get this project going, but luck has sadly not been on my side in these attempts. On a small scale I live the way I picture this camp to run, preserving my Bedouin heritage personally and sharing it with locals as well as travelers. a traveler that stayed here, informed me that there were big online communities that are willing to fund projects with a special need for resources. Although I was hesitate about this at first, I now think it stems from the same philosophy that we Bedouins hold so high: sharing. The sharing of knowledge, the sharing of life, the sharing of respect. So I invite you all to share whatever is in your power to share. In this way, you can already experience a tiny part of what it means to live the Bedouin life.This project, by design will help the children of the local area to receive needed amenities and a dynamic education, bring tourism to a local and personal level in an UNESCO Heritage siteORGANIZATION OF OUR CAMP1.There will be a black tent, original and traditional Bedouin style.2.The camp will get power from solar panels, and other sustainable energy resources.3.There will be water pools to keep water cool.4.The camp will have a low environmental footprint with a minimum of pollution and waste and things such as plastics will be recycled.5.The camp will be environmentally conscious and respectful of the land. It will be totally Eco-built with local and natural materials and we will plant flowers, fruits and vegetables to be as self sufficient as possible.6.We want to contribute for the community. The camp will provide support to the local community in various ways, such as mutual teaching of English and Arabic.7.Cooking lessons – Learn the Bedouin way of food! Classes will be taught and a community will be built around the traditional food.8.Animals and respect for animals will be an important part of the camp, with goat pens and chicken coops nearby for milk and eggs.Additionally, the camp will have at least two camels (female), and horses with a stable.9.Local Bedouin families will care for the camp and provide services to keep the camp running smoothly10.Local guides will be available to lead anyone around the landscape. They can help the camp members to learn the ways of the land and the ways of survival of the Bedouins by teaching for example how to find water and food in the desert, how to recognize the dangerous animals and how to be prevented from them, how to find his way without any compass… all theses survival techniques will be taught in our camp.11.What would a camp be without music? Authentic Bedouin singers, dancers and musicians will give performances for the camp members and let them to discover the traditional Bedouin music.FINANCIAL RESOURCES FOR OUR CAMP We have to understand that this camp will be much more than a simple tourist camp.Indeed, it will be a real cultural and knowledge Center about the Bedouin culture and the life in the Desert.To provide Education to the children and culture exchange between locals and people from around the world.This wonderful project to be realized need help from anyone and some financial resources.To get started this wonderful project, unique in Middle East, we need to get at least $200,000 to buy 4000 m2 land for our Eco-camp.But we also have other costs:Preparing the ground – 6,000 USDBuilding a stone wall – 6,000 USDSolar panels – 50,000 USD10black tents – 35,000 USDComplete kitchen – 14,000 USD20 tents for clients – 56,000 USDWater supply – 10,000 USDBathroom toilet – 10,000 USDUSdollar as financial resource.Camels, Goats, sheep, sheds for cattle plus expenses 14,000 USDAnyone who contribute for the financial resource of the camp will be partner of our project and as a partner, it will be possible for him or her to stay for free in our camp.In total we are looking at about 415,000 USD to start this project.Guests who want to stay in the camp will pay 120 USD per night. With your help, we will change the reality of our community, and we will change the point of view of the world about the unique Bedouin Culture.A rich, ancient culture bearing witness to the history of humanity.I'm still looking for funding. If you like this idea of cultural exchange your financial help would be highly approved.
nawwaf hwatat

please we need your comment in this page if you want to help us by YES or NO, to know if you want to help us or if you dont want to help,so please tell us how you want to help us and at our bank account or throw westronuounun ,please be clear in this page because from 5 month there are alot of wealthy people the lie to us in facebook, thank you if you help us or not help i appreciated any things from.

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