This sites was created mainly for sharing purpose. I want to engage students or any individual to work on some electronics projects. Some of these projects here may required a better knowledge and skills to be able to complete. You may take these as an example when you are required to start a electronics project, either for your final year project, work related project, self-study or hobby.

I will do some backtrack here, to update some of my old projects so that you would know how the project progress from time to time. I may not have the full information on the old project because it maybe developed using my old laptop and I didn't transfer to the new one, but I will try to recall and put it on this sites.

In this sites, there are still many missing pieces here and there, I will try my best to complete this sites.

Latest development
1. Classic Micromouse. Excel-9a

2. New (half-size) Micromouse Excel:mini-4

This sites is created and maintained by:
Mr Khiew Tzong Yong
email: khiew.ty@gmail.com 

Note: This sites is solely sharing of my experience and knowledge in electronics projects.