Here are examples of my scholarship and publications. Click here for a link to my books on Amazon.

Select Publications

2009 Coffman, Jennifer E.; Broch-Due, Vigdis; Little, Peter; Ntarangwi, Mwenda; Prazak, Miroslava; and Shipton, Parker.  “Insights into Kenya's 2007 Post-election Violence.”  In Beliefs and Values: Understanding the Global Implications of Human Nature. Vol. 1, No. 1.

2009  “Sexuality and the Culture of Silence in the Face of HIV/AIDS in East Africa: A Popular Culture Approach.” In Strong Women, Dangerous Times: Gender and HIV/AIDS in Africa. Eds. Ezekiel Kalipeni, Karen C. Flynn, and Cynthia Pope. New York: Nova Science Publishers. 

2010 "African Hip Hop and the Politics of Change in an Era of Rapid Globalization" History Compass Vol. 8(12):1316-1327  

2012 "Introduction: Parents’ Involvement in Children’s Lives in Africa” Africa Development, Vol. XXXVII, No. 3, 2012, pp. 1 – 18.

2012 “Amending Eurocentric Narratives of African History in the US Classroom: A Popular Culture Approach.” In Pedagogy of Pop: Theoretical and Practical Strategies for Success, co-authored with Fred N. Waweru, ed. Ed Janak and Denni Blum. Lexington Books.

2012 “Generation X Meets the Uhuru Generation in East Africa.” In Generation X Gies Global: Mapping Youth Culture in Motion, ed. Christine Henseler. Routledge. Go here for more details and click on East Africa on the left panel for an excerpt of my chapter.

2013    Introduction: Parents’ Involvement in Children’s Lives in Africa” Africa Development, Vol. XXXVII, No. 3, 2012, pp. 1 – 18. 

2015    Carpenter, Joel and Mwenda Ntarangwi, “Christian Higher Education: Global Challenges, Local Practices,” in Special Issue of Christian Higher Education Volume 14(1), pp. 1–3, 2015 edited by Joel Carpenter and Mwenda Ntarangwi.

2015    Youth, Music, and Peace Building. In: James D. Wright (editor-in-chief), International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, Vol 25. Oxford: Elsevier. pp. 842–848. 



This book (on the left) is one I put together to share with colleagues interested in some preliminary look at literary criticism (book is in Kiswahili) and is open to all who have access to the Internet. It addresses some of the basic areas of literary criticism and provides some examples of ways of thinking about going about such work within academia. It is a text that people who are interested in some of the basic theories of literary criticism taught in different institutions where Kiswahili is spoken, might find useful. You can access it here Uhakiki wa Kazi Za Fasihi

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Also go here to watch a video of a presentation of my work on Hip hop and christianity in Kenya.


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Ten Years of Street Children Programming (1987-1997): PLAN International Embu-Meru

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