"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"--UNCF motto


Ph.D   University of Illinois

M.A.    University of Illinois 

M.A.    Kenyatta University, Nairobi

B.Ed    Kenyatta University, Nairobi


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I have spent the larger part of my professional life in higher education (1988-2015) in both teaching and administration. Throughout that time my love for teaching grew especially as I came to learn about and love the liberal arts philosophy of education. Nothing gave me more pleasure than to see those I taught depart with a new way of looking at the world, self, and the content of the course material. My inclination towards liberal arts education aligns with the desire to create excellence in learners by cultivating a healthy body, mind, and spirit. This approach to education cultivates is almost inherent in all of us, providing an enduring thirst for inquiry while also revealing our sense of interdependence, similarity, and reliance on each other irrespective of social, economic, political, and racial differences. 
My conviction that good teaching and learning have to be complimented by good scholarly work led me to include continuous research and careful writing in my work in the academy and elsewhere. My scholarly interests have drawn me to research and writing that provides alternative voices that are often missed when we only focus on the dominant themes and voices of the mainstream. Be it in challenging ideas about Muslim women's agency, the negative effects of globalization, youth agency, or anthropological representation, I have found myself drawn to writing a little against the grain.  In short I want my work to be a little disruptive and cause readers/audience members to pause and question received norms/ideas.